Here’s A Little Something To Think About

Princess Penelope graced our towns (and Krustyland’s) with her presence a few days back and gave new life to a mostly forgotten part of the game. But, the content of level 43 isn’t what I want to talk about – it’s the file that contains the content that interests me.

Usually when we receive an update such as a level or episode tie in, the files that contain the content are named after what ever it’s about. The level 41 file is called ‘Bernice Hibbert’ because that update revolved around her, her brother Chester Dupree and Doctor Hibbert.

The level 43 file wasn’t named what I would have expected it to be. I thought it would have been named something like ‘Princess Penelope’ for the reasons I’ve already explained, but it wasn’t. Instead it’s called ‘Krustyland 2 Patch 1 Pre Launch’.

Again, it’s called ‘Krustyland 2 Patch 1 Pre Launch‘. Interesting, no? The parts of the name that interest me the most are ‘Krustyland 2‘ and ‘Pre Launch‘ I think EA have something up their sleeves that I expect to drop very soon. I’ll explain why I think so in another post, but for now, what do you think it means? Do you think I’m reading too much into the name or am I on to something? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below!

An Update On My Redesign

As you know, a little while back I said I was going to nuke my Springfield and start again. All was going well with it, up until last week. Last week, while I was playing my wifi switched off but I thought nothing of it. When I eventually got my router back up an running though I began to notice a few problems. The most annoying one though was when I tried to place things in specific areas of town, the game would freeze for up to 20 minutes and then crash. I should mention though that the areas where it would freeze are the areas I had been working on when my wifi cut out.

So as I grew increasingly frustrated by the problem I decided to contact EA after doing the whole hard close, uninstall/reinstall thing. I got a fairly quick response from a very helpful EA tech guy but they told me that there’s nothing they’re able to do for me. It turns out that my internet cut out at the wrong time as my game was being uploaded onto their servers, Therefore, because it was interrupted, the save file is corrupt and there’s only one way the tech could think of to fix it – NUKING!

So now I have to nuke my town again, which is by no means the fault of EA as they really tried to help me. Before I nuke it though, I will upload some of the screenshots I had planned on sharing when I was completely finished. That way, I can use them as a reference if I need to.

So here’s a heads up to my neighbours – over the next few hours I will be taking notes of where things are placed in my Springfield and drawing out a general layout of my town to speed up the process of designing. I plan on nuking either tomorrow night or Saturday afternoon and really hope to have it done on Monday by doing some marathon designing sessions at the weekend. I’m really sorry about this guys but this time it really can’t be helped!

I’ll upload the pictures to a new post within the next hour or so

The Simpsons Go To Comic Con!

Some of the Simpsons cast, producers and writing staff descended on San Diego this past week to partake in the annual Comic Con at the San Diego Convention Centre for the 25th anniversary of the show. Their panel took place in one of the convention centres most famous rooms – Ballroom 20. Panel members included Mike Anderson, David Silverman, Al Jean and Matt Groening. Here’s a run down of what went down inside Ballroom 20;

  • Mike Anderson said that the upcoming ‘Simpsurama’ cross over episode is both ”awesome” and ”really hot”.
  • The audience were reminded that on September 28 (the season premiere) a beloved character would die. The following clip was shown;



  • Homer was ruled out as the character that would ‘bite the dust’ so to speak, despite the clip above.
  • The Simpsons will finally begin to age in the upcoming season, although they’ll only age by just one day!
  • The Simpsons hugely anticipated Treehouse of Horror Halloween Special episode will air on October 19. Airing it before Halloween means it won’t be pre-empted by the World Series
  • Matt said that the Simpsons will be around for a while joking ”we’ve got two years to run it in to the ground and ten years before it ends”. As you can imagine, he got quite the cheer!
  • Bartman will not feature in the upcoming season according to producers
  • Spider Pig will make quite a few appearances this season (so excited)!
  • The panel ends with a hologram of Homer appearing on stage!


Below are videos of the Question and Answer portion of the panel, including that hologram of Homer I told you about!

The Tale Of A Crappy Mystery Box

I got my weekly mystery box today and I have to say it was particularly crappy this week. Here’s what I got;

Mystery Box > Mystery Box > Mystery Box > Angel Topiary

All that hope of something cool like doughnuts dashed by a crappy angel topiary. Have you ever had something like this happen to you? If so, what did you get in the end?

Side Note: I’m just finishing up on the simpsons at comic con and I’ll publish it tomorrow, stay tuned for that!

More Characters Able To Visit Krustyland!

Three additional characters are now able to visit Krustyland but in order for that to happen, you’ll have to do a few things first.

The new characters able to visit are:

  • Eddie
  • Lou
  • Sherri & Terri


In order to be able to bring these characters into Krustyland you have to do the following:

  • Build Krusty’s Giant Wheel
  • Make 10 Springfielders Ride It
  • Once complete, Eddie, Lou, Sherri & Terri can visit Krustyland!


A walkthrough is coming soon!

Here’s What Was Added With Level 43


Princess Penelope




Duff Beer Fountain – 10 Doughnuts

Poochie Balloon – 1000 Tickets

Itchy Balloon – 30 Doughnuts

Scratchy Balloon – 1250 Tickets

The level 42 Itchy and Scratchy billboard was also added to Krustyland



Unoriginal Log Ride – 75 Doughnuts

Tavern on the Scream – 1500 Tickets

One Plate Maximum Buffet – 40 Doughnuts

Krusty’s Giant Wheel – 4000 Tickets



500 Tickets – 9 Doughnuts

1500 Tickets – 25 Doughnuts

5000 Tickets – 70 Doughnuts