Everything You Need To Know About THOH XXV


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Phase 2 of the THOH XXV event began on October 20th 2014. The new currency is Ray Guns, replacing the Probes that you had been collecting in Phase 1. The Probes from Phase 1 DID NOT carry over to Phase 2.

Here’s everything you need to know about Phase 2 of Halloween 2014!

Did you buy any of the premium characters or get Hugo unlocked yet? All of their walkthroughs are available below!

If you did not obtain any of the two main prizes from Phase 1, they can now be crafted. You will only be awarded Ray Guns for the first 90 friend actions. You can perform 3 friend actions per town meaning that you will not be awarded Ray Guns from all 100 of your friends!

This post will be updated with new information on October 31st, when Phase 3 of the event begins. Phase 3 will be the final part of the event.

Happy squishing guys!

The Level 46 Walkthrough

Here’s a very messy version of the level 46 walkthrough. I will fix it up in a day or two but I wanted to get it out to you ASAP. The premium walkthrough will follow in a couple of minutes.

The walkthrough info has been taken directly from the files so it’s really, really long. Once again, I’m really sorry about the mess!

Quest The Way I Wish We Was Pt. 1

Trigger : Nelson

Nelson : Give me your lunch money, dork-o!

Martin : I don’t have any today — I brought my lunch from home. But I’d be happy to share if you don’t have one.

Nelson : What? No, I don’t want your lunch! I just want the money.

Martin : So you’re one of those buy-don’t-bring guys, I understand.

Martin : Perhaps I can get Lunchlady Dora to put your lunch on my tab.

Nelson : I don’t want any lunch! I just want to threaten you and take your money.

Nelson : Bullying isn’t about lunch — it’s about power.

Martin : Sounds like someone’s got low blood sugar.

Nelson : *cries* It’s true.

Nelson : I used to eat at my Mom’s work, but she’s still gone and I haven’t had a real meal in weeks.

Martin : Well, maybe we can at least fix that.

Build Classy Girls Strip Club (1x)

<size=2><color=red>Reward : 100 money 10 XP

NEW Id:43001-EasyAPooniversity02

Name : Easy A Pt. 2

<size=2><color=red>(sidequest), Icon: MrsMuntz
<size=2><color=red>Requirements :

Level 46

Quest Easy A Pt. 1

<size=2><color=red>Startdialog , Trigger : MrsMuntz

MrsMuntz : Nelson! Did you miss me?

Nelson : I sure did, free strip club buffet. *kissing*

Nelson : Oh, hey Mom. You’re here too? How were your weeks and/or years in limbo?

MrsMuntz : Not bad. I actually used the time to get my GED.

Nelson : What?! I didn’t know people could do stuff while they were missing from this world.

Nelson : Although I guess that makes sense… the rules always were a little fuzzy.

Nelson : So now that you have a high-school degree, does that mean you’ll get paid more to strip?

MrsMuntz : Actually it means I’m done stripping.

Nelson : Haw-haw?!

MrsMuntz : That’s right, son. I’m going to enroll in college!

Nelson : But we don’t have a college in Springfield.

Nelson : Or a middle school.

Nelson : Or a sewer system.

Nelson : Heck, I haven’t even seen a gas station.

MrsMuntz : That’s okay. College isn’t about the campus — it’s about the experience. And I can still have that!

MrsMuntz : The first thing I have to do is completely reinvent myself on all my social media.

MrsMuntz : Son, take care of that for me while I have a quick smoke.

Nelson : Make Nelson Change Mom’s Status to “Not a Stripper” Count : 1x

Time : 12h, Location : JavaServer

MrsMuntz : Make Mrs. Muntz Binge on Nicotine Count : 1x

Time : 12h

<size=2><color=red>Reward : 100 money 10 XP

NEW Id:43002-EasyAPooniversity03

Name : Easy A Pt. 3

<size=2><color=red>(sidequest), Icon: MrsMuntz
<size=2><color=red>Requirements :

Level 46

Quest Easy A Pt. 2

<size=2><color=red>Startdialog , Trigger : MrsMuntz

MrsMuntz : Okay, college experience… college experience.

MrsMuntz : They read in college, right? But hard books with symbolism and crap.

SideshowMel : Did I hear someone say “symbolism and crap”? I know the perfect book!

MrsMuntz : Could you hear me talking to myself?

SideshowMel : Of course! You were speaking extremely loud!

MrsMuntz : Make Mrs. Muntz Find Out Who Nathan Zuckerman Is Count : 1x

Time : 4h, Location : SpringfieldLibrary

<size=2><color=red>Reward : 100 money 10 XP

NEW Id:43003-EasyAPooniversity04

Name : Easy A Pt. 4

<size=2><color=red>(sidequest), Icon: MrsMuntz
<size=2><color=red>Requirements :

Level 46

Quest Easy A Pt. 3

<size=2><color=red>Startdialog , Trigger : MrsMuntz

MrsMuntz : *sighs*

Snake : What’s wrong, baby?

MrsMuntz : Nothing.

Snake : Was our love-making okay?

MrsMuntz : Yeah.

Snake : Okay, cool.

MrsMuntz : No one understands me!!!

MrsMuntz : Make Mrs. Muntz Have a Counting Crows Phase Count : 1x

Time : 8h, Location : MuntzHouse

<size=2><color=red>Reward : 100 money 10 XP

NEW Id:43004-EasyAPooniversity05

Name : Easy A Pt. 5

<size=2><color=red>(sidequest), Icon: MrsMuntz
<size=2><color=red>Requirements :

Level 46

Quest Easy A Pt. 4

<size=2><color=red>Startdialog , Trigger : MrsMuntz

Otto : Hey, girlie. Why you moping around so hard?

MrsMuntz : It’s all part of my college experience. I’m angsty now.

Otto : I hear that.

MrsMuntz : Do you? Do you really “hear that?”

Otto : Hey, maybe I didn’t go to college… or maybe I did?

Otto : But I’ve been through hard times. And I know someone who’s always there for me.

MrsMuntz : Who?

Otto : Her name is Mary Jane.

MrsMuntz : Is she a friend of yours or something–

MrsMuntz : Oh, I get it.


MrsMuntz : Make Mrs. Muntz Meet Otto Behind the Kwik-E-Mart Count : 1x

Time : 4h, Location : KwikEMart, needs Otto

<size=2><color=red>Reward : 100 money 10 XP


NEW Id:43005-EasyAPooniversity06

Name : Easy A Pt. 6

<size=2><color=red>(sidequest), Icon: MrsMuntz
<size=2><color=red>Requirements :

Level 46

<size=2><color=red>Startdialog , Trigger : MrsMuntz

MrsMuntz : Boy, this college experience is more expensive than I thought.

Otto : Yeah, it can get pretty pricey.

Otto : What, with the grinders, scales, lighters, roach clips, splitters, papers, pipes, bongs, chillums, bubblers, volcanoes, brownies, candies…

MrsMuntz : I think I need a job. But what kind of job could a college coed get to work her way through school?

Otto : Well, according to all the movies I watch “after dark”, there’s really only one.

MrsMuntz : Make Mrs. Muntz Strip to Pay For College Count : 1x

Time : 24h, Location : ClassyGirlsStripClub

<size=2><color=red>Reward : 100 money 10 XP

NEW Id:43006-EasyAPooniversity07

Name : Easy A Pt. 7

<size=2><color=red>(sidequest), Icon: MrsMuntz
<size=2><color=red>Requirements :

Level 46

Quest Easy A Pt. 6

<size=2><color=red>Startdialog , Trigger : MrsMuntz

MrsMuntz : College has been the greatest years wrapped up in a week of my life.

MrsMuntz : There’s only one thing left to do to get the complete college experience…

MrsMuntz : The same thing Bill Gates did, the same thing Mark Zuckerberg did, the same thing pretty much everyone who was ever anything at Harvard did…

MrsMuntz : I need to drop out!

MrsMuntz : Make Mrs. Muntz Drop Out of College Count : 1x

Time : 1h, Location : ClassyGirlsStripClub


Nelson : Mom! What are you doing back at the strip club?

MrsMuntz : The same thing all college dropouts do –

MrsMuntz : I’m stripping!

MrsMuntz : Everything is back to normal again.

Nelson : Wow, I did not expect that to happen!

MrsMuntz : Neither did I, son.

MrsMuntz : Neither did I.

<size=2><color=red>Reward : 100 money 10 XP

NEW Id:43007-OneSmallBounceForMan01

Name : One Small Bounce For Man… Pt. 1

<size=2><color=red>(sidequest), Icon: MoonbounceTicket
<size=2><color=red>Requirements :

Level 46

Quest Easy A Pt. 7

<size=2><color=red>Startdialog , Trigger : Bart

Bart : Milhouse, I just heard some dude coming out of that Classy Girls place say he was glad he finally “got his jollies”.

Milhouse : What?! I want jollies!

Build Moonbounce (1x)

<size=2><color=red>Reward : 100 money 10 XP

NEW Id:43008-OneSmallBounceForMan02

Name : One Small Bounce For Man… Pt. 2

<size=2><color=red>(sidequest), Icon: MoonbounceTicket
<size=2><color=red>Requirements :

Level 46

Quest One Small Bounce For Man… Pt. 1

<size=2><color=red>Startdialog , automatic Trigger

Willy : All right, I patched the hole in yer moonbounce from ye excessive bouncing.

Lisa : Willie, can you stay and bounce with us?

Willy : Well, I should get back to gardening…

Willy : I do have my gardening kilt on after all.

Willy : But I guess one bounce won’t hurt me!

Grow BounceWillyBuilding(), 1x

<size=2><color=red>Reward : 100 money 10 XP

The Level 46 Characters

Two characters arrived with level 46 – one freemium and one premium. Take a look!

Mrs. Muntz

What should you look for in a stripper? Experience!

Greta Wolfcastle

Doesn’€™t every little girl want to divorce her father?

Greta is this level’s premium character at a cost of 180 doughnuts. She come with the prep school she attends in the show and IS ABLE TO TRICK OR TREAT

THOH XXV Phase 2 Has Begun

Phase 2 of the Halloween event has begun and I must admit, I’m a little underwhelmed right now. Here’s what I know about Phase 2 right now;

  • Ray Guns are the new currency
  • There are new prizes available
  • 592 Ray Guns are required each day to obtain all of the new prizes
  • You get 2 Ray Guns for every alien you squish
  • There is no new content available from the store
  • Both prizes from Phase one are now craftable if you didn’t collect enough probes
  • Treat bags now contain Ray Guns in place of probes
  • There are no new craftable items
  • EDIT: There is, in fact, a new questline
  • Much like Phase 1, you have 10 days to obtain the current prizes before they switch out again

If I come across any other information, I will update this post. I will also be putting together a post with all Halloween walkthroughs and daily Ray Gun total together later on so all of the information you need is in one place. Keep an eye out for that later today!

This Years Trivia Question and Answer

Q. What the heck is a Shmoo?

A. Pretentious Modern Art

Answer the question with the above answer and you’ll get 10 FREE doughnuts! To answer the question, collect the final piece of Moe’s new skin and then tap on the Simpsons house to open their attic.

Enjoy the doughnuts guys!

Wondering What Moe’s New Outfit Looks Like?

File:TO THOH XXV episode tie-in collection menu at launch.png

Moe’s got a new outfit to celebrate this years Treehouse of Horror XXV special. In order to get the outfit you have to collect the items shown above. But, when it’s all complete, what will it look like? Look no further because I have the image right below the read more tag, continue at your own risk!

Oh and if you’re wondering how to see the menu shown in the image above, tap on the Simpsons house and then tap ‘go’ and enter the Simpsons ‘attic’

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New Episode Tie-In!

EA have released a brand new episode tie-in just in time for this Sundays Treehouse of Horror XXV Halloween special.

This years tie-in is a lot like last year, meaning it requires you to log in everyday if you want to win the prize.

What you’ll need to do is squish aliens and along the way a piece of clothing will appear. There’s an item of clothing that you’ll collect everyday from now until Sunday.

So get squishing and a new outfit for Moe will be yours in no time!

Halloween 2014 – First Impressions

Phase one of Halloween is set to come to an end on October 20th. The same day will see phase two begin (more on that soon) but before then I thought I’d share my initial impressions of Halloween 2014.

What I Like:

  • Great Prizes
  • Relatively easy to collect currency
  • The Treat Bag idea is pretty cool
  • Lots of highly requested content such as Hugo
  • Good mix of freemium and premium content
  • Lots of old content has (or will) come back
  • The introduction of a leader board is a great way to compete with friends

What I Don’t Like:

  • Some premium content is expensive for what they’re offering
  • Crafting is difficult given that five currencies are required
  • Ammo is very difficult to come by
  • The graphics aren’t as good as last year
  • There are no community prizes

What are your thoughts on phase one of Halloween 2014? Share your thoughts below!