I’m Having Some Technical Issues

I’m having some problems with my wifi and can only connect to the site through my phone right now.

I was in the process of creating the custom images before my wifi went so I expect some delays in getting the Easter 2014 event page out to you. I am working to fix the issues but in the mean time if anything bug happens with the game I will be able to get it out to you through my phone. Sorry for any inconvenience caused to you while I fix my wifi!

Are You Following The Springfield Guide?

Are you trying to, or thinking of, remodelling your Springfield after the one in the show? If the answer was yes, then I have some good news for you! Here is a map of Springfield that you can use! It hasn’t been updated in a while though so some things could have changed in the show since then!

See a full screen version here: http://i.imgur.com/1QrvgUW.png

What’s The Deal With ‘Bunny Carrots’?


I’m sure by now most of you have reached part 8 of the Easter questline and have been asked to grow Bunny Carrots on Cletus’ Farm. But what do they do? Do you get anything in return? Of course you do!

They take four hours to grow and according to the on screen text, you’re awarded ‘Bunny Carrots’ Obviously that’s not entirely true! What you’re actually awarded is 12 bunnies, these bunnies will give you 12 eggs. That means if you grow them on average four times a day, you’ll get a total of 48 eggs a day more than you would’ve had you not been growing carrots!

 You do need to be careful though! You will NOT get any bunnies or eggs upon completion of growth if your town is over run with bunnies already. You won’t get any if your neighbour taps on your farm before you get a chance to harvest them either! I recommend growing Triffids overnight to avoid this possibility!

Is it possible to get all the prizes?

After looking at tapped out daily’s recent post I was thinking without spending doughnuts it seems impossible to get all the prizes.Last year I liked whacking day because it was easier to get all the prizes I was only just starting the game and I got all the prizes.I think ea should bring back the old way like Halloween last year I like knowing what I’m getting not by chance.It seems easier and you can set your goals you can’t do this with the new update.So I hope the next possible update is like like Halloween or christmas or whacking day what do you think?Happy tapping.

What Are The Odds Of Winning Something Good?

These percentages were gotten by spAnser.

Blue Common chance % 
Pink Common chance % 

Pink Easter Box 
Chirpy Boy & Bart Junior 2% 5% (Can’t be awarded before 12 boxes, guaranteed at 80 boxes)
Blocko Store 3% 5% (Can’t be awarded before 12 boxes, guaranteed at 81 boxes) 
Easter Fence x3 20% 20% 
Beach Towel & Umbrella 15% 12.5% 
Easter Tree 15% 12.5% 
Gold Eggs x100 0% 45% 
Gold Eggs x300 45% 0% 

Blue Easter Box 
The Egg Council Guy 5% 2% (Can’t be awarded before 12 boxes, guaranteed at 81 boxes)
Johnny Fiestas 5% 3% (Can’t be awarded before 12 boxes, guaranteed at 80 boxes) 
Easter Pond 12.5% 15% 
Easter Egg Pile 12.5% 15% 
Easter Fence x3 20% 20% 
Gold Eggs x100 45% 0% 
Gold Eggs x300 0% 45% 

Yellow Easter Box 
Sharry Bobbins 2% chance (Can’t be awarded before 20 boxes, guaranteed at 80 boxes. 
Hugs Bunny 3% (Guaranteed at 81 boxes) 
Father Sean 5% (Guaranteed at 50 boxes) 
Bunny #24601 12% (Guaranteed at 20 boxes) 
Banana Dictatorship 16% (Guaranteed at 15 boxes) 
Easter Gate 17% 
Kodos Topiary 7% 
Kang Topiary 7% 
Pastel Picket Fence 31% 

Claiming Prizes; Explained

Tapped Out Easter Egg Pile.png

Got a load of eggs and don’t know how to trade them in for some cool prizes? Fear not! Follow this short step-by-step guide and you’ll be getting some awesome prizes very soon!

  1. Tap the Easter button on the bottom right corner of your screen (the one with eggs on it).
  2. Click ”View” for whichever box you want to trade eggs for.
  3. Under the box tap the ”500” button.
  4. You will be given your prize.

You can only get a box if you have 500 eggs of the same colour. That means, if you have 500 blue eggs you can trade them in for a blue box ONLY. The same goes for the other coloured eggs.