Outdoor Feast Table Available Now!

The Outdoor Feast Table, which is required to continue with the Thanksgiving 2014 questline is now available and is awarded for free upon logging in. Lisa and Ned both need to be free as they have a task associated with this item.

This cannot be rotated due to restrictions caused by animations when Lisa and Ned are doing their mission.

Today’s Thanksgiving Task Is Now Available!

Today’s limited time Thanksgiving task is now available. Today’s task, which is triggered by just logging in, is called ‘Gear Up For Savings! Pt. 2′ involves Homer fortifying the basement. It will take 4 hours to complete so please make sure that he’s free so you can get going on it when you’re ready to do so.

Another daily quest will be available from tomorrow morning. I’l keep you updated on the task schedule.

Today’s Thanksgiving Task Is Live!

Today’s Thanksgiving mini quest is now live. In order to complete this task, you will need Lisa free to trigger the mission which involves jobs for both her and Homer.

Remember, these missions will continue tomorrow and Thursday before a special Black Friday mini event this coming Friday. I will continue to remind you of the daily missions for the rest of the week.

Should I come by some additional info regarding whatever is going to happen on Friday, I’ll get that info to you as soon as I can too.

Side Note: Christmas is just one month away! Super excited for that and the impending Christmas Update!

Key Dates For Thanksgiving 2014

LPNintendoITA has kindly provided some key dates for the Thanksgiving event which, as you can see below, shows that there is one new quest per day leading up to Black Friday. It is important that you get all these jobs done as it may or may not affect what will happen on Friday.

Here are the dates and once again, thanks to LPNintendoITA for finding this info;

24th: Homer triggers and has a job

25th: Sacagawea Lisa triggers and has a job with Homer

26th: Sacagawea Lisa triggers and has a job with Puritan Flanders

26th: Homer triggers and has a job

27th: Puritan Flanders triggers and the flanders and simpsons family needs to be free (Can use Homer, Marge, Lisa, Bart, Ned, Ghost of Maude Flanders, Rod, Todd,Grampa, Patty, Selma, Jacqueline Bouvier, JubJub and Hugo)

27th: Homer triggers and has a job

28th: Sacagawea Lisa triggers and has a job with Puritan Flanders

29th: Homer triggers with no job but Krusty has the job after 24h

Want To Buy Guitar Central? You’re Running Out Of Time

Hey guys! I hope everything is having a good day and is ready for Thanksgiving and Black Friday at the end of the week.

Anyway, if you’re considering buying Guitar Central, the cool looking 50 doughnut building that was added in when the Thanksgiving Event went live, I have a little bit of news for you – you’re running out of time!

The building will go away at 8am GMT TOMORROW, TUESDAY 25th of NOVEMBER. This is because the building is from a tie-in for last nights episode and has nothing to do with Thanksgiving whatsoever.

Thanksgiving 2014 Walkthrough

The Thanksgiving walkthrough is divided into different parts, much like Halloween. Here’s the full walkthrough, including start dates for each part.


Thanks to LPNintendoITA for posting the walkthrough


Make Puritan Flanders Educate Homer (6 hours)

The Battle of Thanksgiving
Quest expires on November 29 at 8:00 GMT if not started beforehand

Part 1: Lisa triggers; if not already owned, Sacagawea Lisa will be put in your inventory
Make Puritan Flanders Perform an Exorcism (12 hours)
Make Sacagawea Lisa Get Exorcised (12 hours)

Part 2: Puritan Flanders triggers
Make Puritan Flanders Self-Punish (4 hours)

Part 3: Puritan Flanders triggers
Make Puritan Flanders Read Revelation Passages (1 hour)
Make Rod & Todd Listen to Stories (1 hour) (skipped if you don’t have Rod and Todd)
Make Sacagawea Lisa Shop for Thanksgiving Food (4 hours)

REWARDS CORNUCOPIA – Additional Cornucopias can now be purchased for 15 doughnuts and has a multiplier of 0.25%

Part 4: Puritan Flanders triggers
Make Puritan Flanders Self-Punish (4 hours)

Available on November 20, 2014 through November 25, 2014

Two Minutes of Hate

Part 1: Lisa triggers
Build King Toot’s (24 hours)
Visit King Toot’s (6 seconds)

Part 2: Lisa triggers
Make Homer Visit Moe’s (1 hour)

Part 3: Homer triggers
Make Lisa Make Reed Out of a Popsicle Stick (1 hour)

Part 4: Lisa triggers
Make Marge Remove The Splinters From Lisa’s Tongue (1 hour)

Part 5: Homer triggers
Make Homer Go to Guitar Central (1 hour)

Part 6: Homer triggers
Make Homer Go Back to Guitar Central (1 hour)

Part 7: Homer triggers
Make Homer Go To Guitar Central Third Tiresome Time (1 hour)

Part 8: Homer triggers
Make Homer Buy An Expensive Guitar He’ll Never Play (1 hour)
Make Homer Tell People It’s Easy To Learn Instruments (1 hour)
Make Adults Foolishly Buy Instruments They’ll Never Learn To Play (1 hour)*

Part 9: Homer triggers
Make Adults Foolishly Buy Instruments They’ll Never Learn To Play (1 hour)*

Part 10: Homer triggers
Make Homer Run to the Church (1 hour)
Make Springfielders Beat Homer in the Church (1 hour)*

Part 11: Marge triggers
Make Homer Fall into a Coma (1 hour)
Make Marge Nurse Homer Back to Health (1 hour)

*No specific characters are listed, but the use of the word “Adult” may exclude kids