Valentines Decorations In Krustyland

Did you know that you can now put your valentines decorations in Krustyland? Well, as part of the St. Patrick’s Day update, it’s now possible to do just that! What do you think about this? Will being able to use the valentines decorations make you pay more attention to your Krustyland? I know those heart balloons and gazebos will finally have a place to go, other then my inventory!

If you haven’t taken our latest poll, please do so in the post below this post, thanks guys!

Limited Time Valentines Items

You may have already noticed but there are currently two new premium items, only available for a limited time. Both the I Choo Choo Choose You Train and the Valentine’s Pond items from the Friendship wheel can now be brought. What do you think of EA adding them for a limited time, let us know in the comment section below.

I Choo Choo Choose You Train

50 Donuts

2.25% Bonus money and XP to all jobs.





Valentine’s Pond

30 Donuts

0.75% bonus money and XP to all jobs.


Just Over 5 Days Remaining


There’s only about 5 days left until the Valentines Day event comes to and end. So, if you haven’t got all of the prizes yet, there isn’t much time left. All I have to say about that is…. About time! This event got boring the moment I got all of the prizes. What about you? How do you feel about this event coming to an end? Let us know guys!

Up, Up And Buffet, Will You Be Buying It?


Up, Up And Buffet is available for a limited time only for 90 doughnuts. It’s a pretty cool object and I couldn’t resist buying it! But, will you buy it or pass it over for something else? Take our poll now!

The Spuckler Brood

20140207-230827.jpgThe Spuckler Brood are limited time premium Non Playable Characters. The characters are unlocked after buying Brandine Spuckler for 100 Donuts and finishing off her quest line. They are unlocked upon the completion of Brandine Spuckler’s 90 day task “Birth Another Spuckler”.

To receive all 3 you must complete the ”Birth Another Spuckler” 3 times, so a total of 270 days for all 3.

The Spuckler Brood earn money by pick pocketing the other characters, and as such have no quests.

Whitney Spuckler

Generates $100 every 4 hours







Birthday Spuckler

Generates $100 every 4 hours






Dubya Spuckler

Generates $100 every 4 hours