Who are all these people In My Krustyland?

Notice a bunch of random people walking around your Krustyland?  Wondering who the heck they are?  Well if you ask Krusty they’re “The dregs of humanity….(aka) Customers”.  As you move further along in the Krustyland Quest you’ll notice more and more visitors appear in your park, some carrying knives and axes, but don’t worry they’re not there to hurt you!
tsto krustyland visitors

The visitors that appear in your Krustyland are directly related to your Krust-o-Meter rating.  Unlike in Springfield, where your Conform-o-Meter generates a bonus multiplier, the Krust-o-Meter generates visitors who earn tickets.  The higher your Krust-o-Meter, the more visitors will appear.


Here’s the break out of how many visitors each Krust-o-Meter ranking will bring to your park:

# of
0 0
1 5
2 10
3 10
4 20
5 30


And while you can’t assign them tasks (they just wonder around aimlessly) they’ll still earn you tickets, which is one less thing you’ll have to worry about!  The amount of tickets each visitor produces is based on how long it’s been since you last tapped them.  The nice thing with Krustyland Visitors is that the tickets continue to grow up to 24 hours at 4 hour intervals so there isn’t the rush to tap buildings, so as long as you tap once every 24 hours you’ll collect the full amount of tickets earned.


Here the break out of how many tickets you earn per visitor:

Time # of Tickets
Per Visitor
4 hours 2
8 hours 4
12 hours 6
16 hours 8
20 hours 10
24 hours 12


So if you have a Krust-o-Meter rating of 5 and have 30 random visitors walking around your Krustyland, you can earn an extra 60 tickets every 4 hours on top of the tickets earned from attractions and character tasks.  So work to make your Krustyland a 5 Bouncing Ball destination, and you’ll have enough tickets for the Tooth Chipper in no time!
krustyland TSTO visitors 2


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