New Spoiler!

There’s more spoiler type stuff in the files, continue reading for more!


So here it is and thanks again to spAnser for finding it!



4 thoughts on “New Spoiler!

  1. Hi Guys.

    Found a nice little trick to get a few more goo points!.
    When visiting your friends towns firstly place your 3 hauntings then collect 4 of your 5 ghosts, for your last ghost look for a bunch of ghosts together and then tap as quickly as you can. I have managed it with 3 so far!. So essentially getting 7 ghosts instead of 5!. If you have lots of friends this can soon add up!

    • I thought I did this today by accident. When I tried it on purpose, it didn’t work. I’m glad I didn’t imagine my luck and will keep trying that method.

  2. Oh the goo trick works but ya gotta tap fast. Haven’t been able to get more then seven and my goo tap counter goes into the negative. Also if you place your gremlins quickly enough you can drop an extra. The gremlin counter goes into the negative also but so far I’ve only been able to get -1gremlins. Good luck!

    • Counter for gremlins will go negative if you have a gremlin on screen you haven’t collected yet, then balances when it is picked up

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