Make Mr. Burns ‘Confess’ For SIX FREE Doughnuts!

Eliza Simpson DetectivePart 14 of the Halloween questline sees Lisa go off to the library to do a quest called ”Make Lisa Solve the Freak Show Tent Mystery”. That doesn’t seem all that interesting does it? Well, if you tap on Mr. Burns BEFORE Lisa finishes her task and make him ‘Confess’ to what Lisa is investigating, you’ll get SIX FREE DOUGHNUTS!!

24 thoughts on “Make Mr. Burns ‘Confess’ For SIX FREE Doughnuts!

  1. I have lisa in the library doing this mission and I am tapping the heck out of burns and nothing is happening. Does he need to be doing a task or doing nothing? So confused.

    • I reached 10000 and got the message however I was over 12000 or so and the count was saying I only had 1776. My count ia off by around 250. Its frustrating me because that’s a lot of goo to feel screwed out of.

  2. It shows a community goal to be reached and prizes that should have been won for everyone joining in on collecting goo but I have yet to receive a prize for my participation. Has anyone received a community prize this far??

  3. My Lisa is also in the library. When does Mr. Burns have the ‘confess’ job he is free i keep checking and nothing. Does it happen right before Lisa is finished like a few minutes or what? Can i make Mr. Burns do something else in the meanwhile? Please help…

  4. Is this a joke or are people really that ‘mentally challenged’ !!!
    It clearly says PART 14!!
    and as for the guy wanting his community prize even though the limit had not even been reached…… god help you ……

  5. I’ve got a challenged for Louie,, but I can’t find him anywhere ????? It just keeps taking me back to the school ???????

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