No ‘Weekend Update’ This Week!

Copyright - Tapped Out Daily

Copyright – Tapped Out Daily/EA/FOX

Hi Guys! There won’t be any ‘Weekend Update’ this week because almost everything I’ve posted was in relation to this years Halloween Event, you con however check back next week for a new ‘Weekend Update’ post!

Happy Tapping!



4 thoughts on “No ‘Weekend Update’ This Week!

  1. Lisa and Nelson went missing in my town. I sent them trick or treating and they seem to be lost in the land areas I haven’t unlocked yet. I know this cause Lisa is on my side bar for a quest and when I click on it it takes me to unlocked land. Is anyone else having this problem or know how to fix it???

      • Ya I wasted a lot of money unlocking a path to where Lisa is supposively but it just shows the thumb thing for half a second then it’s gone again. What’s the best way to contact EA.

    • I love the simpsons tapout game but all my friends have millions of dollars and donuts but won’t tell me how and I tried everything on web my phone is not jail broke I have a iPad and iPhone 4S can u please help I am on level 22

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