PREMIUM CHOICES: Booberella – Is She Worth It?

As per usual, a list of pro’s and con’s are provided below the photo!

Booberella – ”I hate playing with NOOOBs!”



  • She’s limited time so if you don’t buy her during the event, you might not get a chance to again!
  • She’s a female character, which is pretty rare for this game
  • She has a small questline which, at times, can be funny
  • She earns the premium rate for her tasks
  • She has a task that involves the peanut stand decoration



  • She costs 100 doughnuts, which is pretty steep
  • She doesn’t come with any buildings
  • She’s not voiced (I can’t remember for sure though)
  • Most of her tasks are indoors

8 thoughts on “PREMIUM CHOICES: Booberella – Is She Worth It?

  1. Any new hacks that can help me I love this game everyone in my family now play but I’ve tried all hacks and tricks only two worked the tap homer ten times and the simpsons house question my phone is not jail broken and I split time with iPhone 4 and iPad can someone please help

  2. The Simpson house question was on Sunday to get strongman homer. Click on the simpsons house. I’m sure there is a catch up to get him for doughnuts.
    New skin is okay. Wish there was a Lisa and Bart skin to go with it.

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