Did You Just Get An Update?

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Did you just receive an in-game update? Are you wondering what it did? Well, I can tell you that it was just a bug fix update. Nothing in the files was changed in any way! I believe the fix had something to do with characters going missing while on a task. I can’t confirm it for sure though as I haven’t had that problem with my game.

16 thoughts on “Did You Just Get An Update?

  1. The only thing I have noticed is I can’t collect the one extra bonus ghost when I visit neighbors. (Used to be able tap quickly ghost #6) either that or I’m just ultra slow today :/

  2. Yes, I’ve noticed the same thing! Sometimes when I was lucky I could get 4 or even 5 extra ghosts at the end! What a pity that they’ve fixed this “bug” 😦

  3. I got the update but Apu is still missing (4th day) 😦 I can’t start the Ghost In The Machine Part 8 without him

  4. Luckily no one is missing at my game – did you try to put the building of that person in your inventory? Normally the characters reappears after you take out the building again from your inventory…

  5. I had a weird bug after the update. Last night I was able to put more gremlins in towns than I had. At one point I was showing -3 gremlins.
    Anyone else notice this??

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