REQUEST: How Much Land Is There In Krustyland?

Exactly how much land is there in Krustyland? Well, the answer is – not that much! In total it’s a 10 x 10 grid. All in all, that’s not a lot when you consider the size of some of the rides that you have to place!

My Tooth Chipper takes up nearly a full grid without proper decorating!

What about you? Do you think that 10 x 10 is big enough or could you do with more land?



3 thoughts on “REQUEST: How Much Land Is There In Krustyland?

  1. I think theres too much land in KL. Ive got all items (including premium) and im using about half of it. As we are limited on buying multiply rides this means land is goin to be filled with stalls. We dont.need 500 hotdog and popcorn stands afterall. I have 2/3rds of my land bought and have plenty of room still. I have completed KL including the new halloween ride.

  2. Does anyoneknow if there is likely to be a Krustyland update in the near future? I have continued to collect tickets, rather than cash them in and have over 100,000 tickets now! As I have $10m, I saw little point in cashing the tickets in. There is plenty of land available in Krustyland and there are plenty of rides that are yet to feature, so I am fingers crossed it will be back in, say, January. This would have Halloween and Christmas out of the way, and maybe instead of Valentines???

  3. Way more than enough land unless they add a LOT more rides. As Luke said, the only thing I could possibly put in the unbought land would be hot dog stands, souvenier stands, random trees, etc. Nothing really worthwhile. Having “beaten” Krustyland I’ve not even found reaosn to go back and check on it. I feel I make far more cash in Springfield anyway so no need to get tickets to convert to cash.

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