What Features Do You Want To See In Game?

Is there something that you want to see in the game? I for one would love to see a character locator button added because its too hard to find all of the characters!

Let me know what features or functions you want to see!


43 thoughts on “What Features Do You Want To See In Game?

  1. How about a function that will allow you to visit your friends town and tap on their task to help speed them up some, or how about a function that allows you to give and receive certain items like decorations or even a doughnut or two for free.

  2. I for one think most the tasks require to much time to finish and the payout is not enough for the longer ones. It would really help out when someone taps on a task and speed it up some. Heck it doesn’t take 90 days to grow corn in real life so why should it in the game lol.

  3. the moving cars idea would probably cause some issues like crashing or no longer being able to play for players who are using older model phones like me but its still a good idea. Personally I wouldn’t mind seeing the inside of some of the buildings and maybe some mini games.

  4. I would like to see a cancel task option. Too many times I’ve sent a character on a 24 hour task only to find out they gave a quest task. Now I must wait a day for that quest. Also, I inadvertently planted corn when trying to plant moonshine. 90 days is a long time! I’d love to cancel this!

    • To stop the corn thing you have to store the farm into the inventory and then take it back out. Thats how you cancel it

  5. A collect all bomb, like a ghost bomb it would tap all characters and buildings at once.
    An apply all function. If you want all characters to do tasks that take 4 hours you just select ‘4 hours for all’ or something similar.

  6. Kodo flying around in his saucer is beyond annoying for those of us that don’t have enough donuts (and likely won’t have) to get the laser to knock him out of the air. It would be nice if he didn’t hover over the town so often/much. That or that donuts were offered up a little more easily/often. Takes forever to accumulate donuts and while I like the game I just am not going to spend actual money on such things.

  7. I would love a “locate character function” I sometimes spend ages searching my town looking for a specific character that I know is walking around not doing anything. Either that or as someone has said a “set all characters x hour job” button.

  8. I would like the option of trading cash for donuts,sending gifts to friends(for example I won Squeaky voice teen twice in the free mystery box) I can only use 1. Or the option of trading items with friends,I missed out on some of the earlier items and characters as I was late to tapped out so would love to be able to get these and complete character sets e.t.c so maybe include a chance to win these in the mystery box.

  9. Need.to be able to exchange cash for donuts. Also features to find players and all do task (if you wanted to send all characters on a 24hr task you could with 1 press) I would also like to tress being able to be place on paths not just the grass. Stop signs and lamps on paths. Also would like the attidition of smaller buildings such as a toll both so you can place these in say your prison car park!! Afterall we need better secuity at these places.

  10. Character Locator, Gifting items to friends, definitely.

    I would like to have each character with more varied 60 min tasks, or maybe each character with a 45sec, 10min, 30min, 60min, 4hr, 8hr, 12hr, 24hr task list.

  11. Ability to remove friend cities. I already have some that are obviously not being played anymore but there is no way to get rid of them.

    • Yes! This!! I have quite a few that never touch their cities and over 100 friend requests sitting there but I can’t accept any more since I’m already capped out for friends. I’d like to get rid of people who clearly aren’t tending their cities and thus not visiting mine either and give other people who actually play a chance!

      • If you select your friend you have to be fast but there is a delete button. It’s hard to select sometimes, you got to be fast

  12. I don’t understand people wanting a character locator. I mean characters are already easily located through your task book! Need to know where a character is at in order to set them to do a task…..do it through your task book. If you need to know where a character is because you can’t remember if they were set for a task….check your task book and see if there is a task there for them and click on that task and it will show you exactly where your character is at. Otherwise if you’re just setting your characters that don’t have a task in the task book then you just go through them one at a time anyhow to set them so there is no real need to know where one is at. If you need to check to make sure you got all your characters set because you think one might be hiding behind a building you click on your move items icon and click on the eye icon to make your buildings disappear and then quickly scan your city to see if you have characters hiding behind buildings.

  13. I’d like the ability to use items more than once. For instance I got a lemon tree two different times in my Gift Box but I can only use one of them. Why? Makes no sense why you can’t place more than one lemon tree. So it just sits there in my inventory doing nothing. I could sell it for next to nothing but I’d rather be able to use it. Or it would be nice to be able to trade it off or something.

  14. I want to see a ‘toggle idle character’ option? (much a like character locator). Maybe a ‘call idle characters to point’?
    Gifting is a great idea as well!

  15. IMO – How about a mystery box that has more in it than: newspaper box, fences, trees, hedges or $200 cash….the Mystery box used to be cool, I’ve even heard some peeps got characters and other premium things from time to time…not me, ever (aside from the lemon tree…which took 18 months)….now it’s predictably pathetic. Some “reward” for playing continuously.

  16. When you are going from one “neighbor” to another you have to go back to all neighbors. How about a button to go to the next neighbor instead of back.

  17. I also got the squeaky voice teen from the Buddha Homer. I already have him so can’t use or sell him back. Just wasted either actual money if you buy donuts or a lot of time if you earn donuts. -_-

  18. How about some of the following…

    – railroad tracks and a train station
    – traffic lights
    – crosswalks
    – a go-cart track
    – Mr. Plow skin for Homer with his Plow truck
    – a farm, barn, tractor, silos, cows, sheep, pigs and horses
    – a Tim Hortons (just kidding)
    – dirt roads (I would like to do a rural section)
    – sheds and other decorative outbuildings
    – a hotel
    – a bank (for Snake to rob)
    – a golf course you can build one hole at a time, a driving range
    – a park with hiking trails, lakes, beaver dams

    Come on fellow Tappers, let’s come up with more ideas like these. What do you see every day that would add to the experience?

  19. I’d love to see a cancel task option. You know for when you accidentally tap the wrong task. I’ve done that several times and wished that there was a way to cancel it so I could reset a character with the task I’d intended.

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