The ‘Spooktacular’ Bonus!

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What’s the point of collecting GOO after you reach 10,000 GOO? Doughnuts that’s what!

For every 2,000 GOO you collect after you reach 10,000 GOO, there’s a chance you can win up to THREE free doughnuts! It works just like the ‘level up’ bonus for top level players. You pick one box out of three and you win that amount. But, if it doesn’t have the three doughnuts in it, you can pay $50,000 to guess again and again until you hit the top prize!

Get collecting guys! EA aren’t usually this generous so get it while the going is good!


22 thoughts on “The ‘Spooktacular’ Bonus!

    • write your username under ‘find friends’ in the left menu –> get 50-60 friends –> start tapping and haunting.
      I collected almost 1100 Goo in a single day the other day

  1. All they’ve done is changed the way their giving away donuts. Now that you need 100000’s or even millions of XP to bonus level up its an impossible task so by saying 2000 goo for free donuts is a change on the usual bonus level up. Its a cheeky way EA are skimming us on the uaual way to get premium currency.

    • The way I see it luke, other games don’t even give out premium currency for free and forces you to buy it, at least they give us any at all

  2. I’ve found that it’s not quite every 2000, but it ends up taking about 2030 to “bonus up”. I do agree that this was a generous move by AE to give out donuts, which are usually such premium and difficult to obtain currency.

    • I have found that if you exceed 2000 whilst collecting from your friends towns then it will not give you the donuts until you return back to your own town. You will lose any goo you have collected over the 2000 you need so you have to be very vigilant when collecting your goo and return back to your own town once you have the amount you need!

  3. Jeremiah, you need to max out your friends and visit their towns every day. Try to tap on already haunted houses as you get 2 goo for them. I play daily, have 98 friends and earn 800-1000 goo every day. Currently have just over 27,000. Some of my tapped out friends have over 30,000! That’s some heavy duty tapping!!
    Also, get all the graveyards if you can afford the doughnuts. Good luck 😀

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  5. I haven’t been given any spooktacular bonus the twice I’ve reached 2000 since the most recent update. Is there a reason for this?

    • Hi there.

      Have you collected all the personal prizes and reached 10000 goo?.
      You will only receive the spooktacular bonus once you have done this!.

      • yes. I had had the bonus once before the update. I have reached the 2000 while collecting from friends twice since the update and when I’ve gone back to my own Springfield, the counter has been set to zero without me being given the bonus.

  6. HI Sarah.

    I would contact EA about this because you should have been presented with 3 boxes with the chance of winning up to 3 donuts on each occasions.EA are pretty good and hopefully they will be able to resolve this for you!

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    • Hi There.

      You need to first unlock all the personal prizes which costs 10000 goo points,after that for every 2000 goo you collection you will have the chance to win up to 3 donuts by picking a 1 box form 3,If you do not win 3 donuts you can pick another box however this does come at a price of 50000 cash. If you have done this and still not being rewarded then I suggest that you contact EA.

    • Hi Damian.

      You should receive them for every 2000 goo points you collect over the 10000 needed for unlocking the personal prizes.

      I have nearly collected 50000 goo now and they have never failed to appear yet for me,if you hit the 2000 whilst visiting friends towns you will need to return back to your own springfield to collect them. Be careful not to collect way over the 2000 that you need if you are in your friends towns as you will lose anything over 2000 when you return back to your own springfield!!

      • Mine haven’t appeared the last couple of times I reached 2000 even though I went straight to my Springfield after collecting from friends. Report your issue to EA. A lot of people have been having the same problem apparently so they are trying to fix it.

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