What Buildings Came With Level 36?

We got 2 new buildings. One for cash and one for doughnuts. The cash building comes with Dolph but the premium building does not come with any new characters. You can see the pictures of them below!

Noiseland Arcade – Cash ($285,000). Comes with Dolph and requires a 24 hour build time.


PREMIUM – Museum of Natural History. It costs 100 doughnuts and takes 6 seconds to build.



5 thoughts on “What Buildings Came With Level 36?

  1. I donuted through everything on my jailbreak account, enjoyed the additional characters/buildings.

    My humble opinion….
    The building isn’t worth the donuts. Doesn’t activate any tasks nor is it required for any tasks.
    Jimbo is only worth the donuts if you’ve nothing else to spend them on, but at least he has tasks (6 to be precise, none of them require additional characters to perform) and has the usual bonus to XP/Cash for a premium character. His new character quest line was relatively short, much like Booberella.

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