How Many Doughnuts Have You Collected So Far?


EA have been strangely generous with this event, making it very easy for players to get free doughnuts. I’ve been able to get doughnuts visiting neighbours, tapping on my haunted buildings, making Mr. Burns confess in part 14 of the Halloween quest and through the spooktacular bonus that they introduced. All in all I’d say that I’ve collected about 100 doughnuts so far and there’s still time to get more! But, how many have you collected? Does this act as an incentive to make you play the game? Let me know!

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9 thoughts on “How Many Doughnuts Have You Collected So Far?

  1. I noticed some doughnuts dropping from ghosts and houses in my own city and friend cities. I also got some doughnuts from the Krustyland balloon booth, but that’s probably not related to the Helloween event.
    All in all I’d say I got round about 40-50 free doughnuts, but not more.
    It is definitely an incentive to me for playing the game, and I wish EA would give more free doughnuts.

  2. Wow you guys got alot . I’ve probably only got about 15 from visiting friend’s cities and it seems only if it takes over a half hour of visiting. Also only a few in my town but definitely a incentive to keep tapping lol

  3. I’ve gotten at least one a day from visiting neighbors, which is good seeing how often my game freezes and crashes. I’ve gotten a few from my town. I wish EA would keep it up after the event and stop being so stingy!

  4. I’m currently have 144 donuts. Ok, some of these were from the krustyland balloons, and 2 from leveling up to 36, but other than that they’ve all come from Halloween. 40000 + goo, and I have been spending the cash to make sure I get 3 donuts from each bonus box, but when do you ever get the chance to use fake cash for donuts? to be clear, I am a freemium player and have never spent real cash on the game. definitely an incentive to keep tapping, and maybe even spending to get those last few donuts for a better premium item?

    • Hi Adam.

      Congratulations on building up your donuts and making the most of EA generosity!.

      Trading in game cash for donuts is an option that I think we would all like to see but sadly its not an option available but we can all live in hope!

      I have a feeling that when the Christmas update arrives there will be another chance to rack up some more free donuts also,if you are looking to get the most out of your donuts spend then all the premium items have been reviewed here in these very pages so you can spend those donuts wisely!.

      Good luck with the last few days of the Halloween update and keep tapping!

  5. I am currently getting 2000 goo a day and using 50000 cash to make sure that I get 3 donuts every time.
    I am leveling up about every 4 days and again using 50000 cash to get 3 donuts,I have 100 friends and often find 3-4 donuts a day when visiting friends towns and I have also found quite a few donuts by purchasing land and having Homer or Lisa cleaning it.
    The Halloween update has been very good to me for donuts and I would estimate that I have got around 150-160 out of it.
    Keep tapping everyone and make the most out of these last few days!

  6. How is it that everyone has so many donuts? I have been playing for a monthand a hald and have accumulated about 40 donuts total. How do I get more. I hear stories of others having hundreds of donuts, and picking up as many ina week that I have my entire month and a half.

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