Less Than 4,000,000,000 GOO To Go!

There’s less than 4 billion GOO to go until we get the final prize for this community event! To celebrate, I have found a little spoiler concerning the prize… its animation!

To see it, please click on continue reading below the spoiler warning!




Here it is – the animation! Thanks to spAnser over at TSTO NEWS for creating it!

What do you guys think of it? I love it! When do you think we’ll reach the goal? I’m guessing sometime tomorrow evening!


6 thoughts on “Less Than 4,000,000,000 GOO To Go!

  1. i’m guessing the building will not actually say “tsto news” on it. and i’m hoping it won’t be in black and white.

    • Dang.. one of the things i don’t like about this game is when we get new items that don’t really belong anywhere. like, these bumper cars we just got, the popsicle stick statues, or now, a black and white city skyscrapper.

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