Maximizing your Goo points!

Are you making the most out of the free donuts awarded for collecting goo above the 10000 required to unlock the personal prizes?.

Here are a few suggestions to make the most out of EA’S Generosity!

1. You should max out your friends which is currently set at 100.

2. You should only tap on haunted buildings in your friends towns which will give you 2 goo. If your friends have not got haunted buildings then collect the 5 ghosts and return later,with a full compliment of friends you can earn 1100 goo per day just by doing this!

3. Controversial but personally I squash all gremlins in my town getting 2 goo for each one,some people prefer to leave them for their friends to rack up extra goo.

4. Assign all characters to tasks that reward you with goo!

5. Unleash the Gremlins!, Drop as many gremlins in your friends towns as possible to earn you bonus goo. Look for players that do not tend to their towns frequently and drop 10 gremlins on them if possible and reap the rewards 4 hours later.

Doing this has given me 2000 goo per day and by using in-game cash if I have not hit 3 donuts first time I have been able to obtain 3 free donuts a day.

Happy tapping guys and make the remaining days count!


2 thoughts on “Maximizing your Goo points!

    • Hi there,

      It is not for the faint hearted!
      It take a good couple of hours to go through 100 friends but spread out across the day it does not seem too bad!

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