What to do with the 5th Community Prize?



Here is my idea of what to do with the 5th community prize!.
Any suggestions from you guys out there or any photo’s of what you have already done?.


8 thoughts on “What to do with the 5th Community Prize?

  1. Hi there, its just the wooden fencing stacked to made a large drive in screen with the star of the show King Kong Homer!
    Takes a bit of practice and a lot of space however.

    • It does look better if you have Arnie Pie in his helicopter doing a news report next to it!
      Looking for anyone with any suggestion how to make Springfield a little bit quirky!

  2. it makes no sense next to the Comissaty. As you can see the building has similir design as the Luigi’s, flowers store ans some of them. It can go perfectly well at downtown next to them.

  3. I take pride in my Springfield. There’s a nice park full of flowers and trees and benches. There’s streets and lanes allowing my citizens to change streets without having to go all the way across springfield. My buildings aren’t just piled one on top of another, I can SEE my buildings. Even with that being said, some of my friends have Springfields full of Blue Houses and the other buildings crammed into space as allowed which also looks cool in an archaic kind of way.

    And then I see Springfields with freaking movie screens in the middle of the town and I feel sad about my Springfield 😛

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