The Final Countdown Begins!


There’s only just under 8 HOURS & 15 MINUTES remaining until the Halloween event comes to an end! Those of you that are close to the 10K mark only have a short amount of time to reach the final prize – get tapping!


27 thoughts on “The Final Countdown Begins!

  1. I wanted to thank you for the post you made the other day about maximizing your goo points. When you posted it 6 or 7 days ago I had just reached 8000 goo. Today, I coasted to 20,000. I am a new player….I started my game after the contest began, so I couldn’t afford the 50k to pick a second box, but I earned 9 donuts…..Thanks for your help!

    • Thanks everyone who added me and helped me out. I just got over the 10k mark at the last minute! I love seeing all the different ideas people have with their towns.

  2. As a new player, I was wondering if there might be a post for maximizing your $ earnings in Springfield. I know that the shorter actions earn more per hour for characters, but any tips that you can give would be appreciated! Keep up the good work!

  3. Hi there.
    It is difficult when you first start to get a good amount of cash coming in as buildings are always popping up as part of the quest lines!.
    Personally I built a fair amount for purple houses to start with to get cash every 3 hours then upgraded them to blue houses(8 hours) and then finally to white houses(12 hours).
    Choose your buildings carefully to start with and only build the ones that give you the best return!
    Shorter actions are the way to go with the characters if you have the time as it brings in far more cash per hour.
    Once you get a few level under your belt and a few buildings on the map your cash will soon start rolling in!
    Happy tapping!

    • You are welcome!.
      If you need any further help all you have to do is ask!
      When the Christmas event is up and running we will do our best to give you guys the best information also.

  4. Awwwwww so sad I only have about 500 more goos to go for donuts. Doubt ill get the free donuts. Ohhhhhh well this has been my first free give away event and ive really enjoyed it. Thanks to all the peeps from here that have joined my Springfield community and helped me get all the prizes and donuts

  5. Maybe it’s too late for this, but the other good thing about this halloween event is that i could see which of my friends had stopped playing. I had about 10 friends who had zero goo, so i’m just going to assume they’ve stopped playing and i deleted them from my friends.

      • I had to get on a computer (not a mobile device), go to the origins website, log in, then at the top of the page you can “download origin”. once you download that program you can sort through your friends. we should be able to do this in the app, but nope.

      • They can be deleted in game, but it’s tricky. Go to the friends section and tap the Origin button in the lower right. Find the friend you want to delete in your friends list. Tap twice quickly on their avatar beside their name. This will call up their profile. Tap the plus key and you should see a remove friend link.

  6. are the bloggers for this site based out of England? i just now noticed i’m about 6 hours behind the time stamps on this site. Which means when i read “8 hours left”, it makes me wonder if i have another 6 hours to add to that or if EA changes all servers over at the same time.

      • Hi there, It depends what country your live in!.
        I am in England and its still active until Midnight then its a new update and level 37 is on its way!

    • Hi Octobrain.
      I am part of the team and in England but the others are in America to the best of my Knowledge!
      I believe we have until midnight tonight to collect goo so keep tapping!.
      All the best Owen

  7. Its 11am here in my country, and i am still able to tap for goo. No update available for me so far… (sorry for my poor english, here in Venezuela we speak spanish)

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