Level 37 Has Arrived!

Source: HillyBillyOli on the EA forum

Level 37 is here, and it has lots of new stuff! It’s all listed for you below!




 (PREMIUM – Donut120)


(PREMIUM – Donut30)



Krustyland Decorations:

 (500 TICKETS)


10 thoughts on “Level 37 Has Arrived!

    • Hi Heather.

      Please see the post on Level 37 walk through.

      Bart triggers the first quest-line if you prefer not to know the complete quest-line

      • Thanks Addictedtotappedout,

        I don’t mind knowing. I’m currently waiting for Bart to finish a quest line, that may be why he did trigger.

      • Does anyone know why bart isn’t triggering the storyline?
        I also heared that you have to build the arcade first, but I already had the arcade before level 37 was released.

    • No! I believe the price changed in a small update after it was released because there was a few problems with the quest line and the dialogue. I’ll fix this post soon, thanks for the heads up!

      • Ah, that’s annoying, I was hoping it was a bug that would correct itself. I haven’t got that many doughnuts, guess I’ll have to keep saving!

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