POLL: Is It Getting Too Political?

As I’m sure you’ve noticed EA have been taking jibes at politics for a while now. This includes the NRA, gun laws and, most recently, George Bush. Do you think it’s getting too political at this stage? Should EA avoid putting political references in such a wide reaching game? Take our poll and let us know!


13 thoughts on “POLL: Is It Getting Too Political?

  1. The Simpsons has always made social and political commentaries in their show. Why should the game be any different? I don’t care which side of the aisle they make fun of, so long as it’s funny.

  2. I chose other merely because I live in England and so, as much as I hate to admit, I don’t ‘get’ many of the American references.

  3. Yes there are too many political references and I know it’s old by now but in its golden age Simpsons didn’t do that and it was much better then current Lisa political theme of the week.

  4. Love the critical political and social themes in the game, it s the Simpsons , right ? though sometimes miss the point bout very specific American topics, dont live in the USA. But dont stop please! 👍

  5. I think it’s very apt. The Simpsons has always been quite political so it’s good to see that aspect of the programme carried through to the game.

  6. I know im going to date myself here but I remember back in the tracy ullman dazes whom I believe is british but I never held that against her lol jk, that the simpsons were about social satire even then. I love them just for that fact. They have always made fun of every social stereotype and political party, they have never been as outrageous as southpark thats why the simpsons have always rocked. So remember those of you across the pond that when you enjoy the simpsons your really looking at life here in america lol

  7. Coming from someone who agrees with the politics the show holds, I think it’s getting to be too much. If the dialogue were similar to the show it would be fine, but in the game it is heavy handed and not very funny or clever. It makes me think of amateurs trying to write like the Simpsons (which I’m sure is the case- I doubt they have their regular writing team on this) and failing. They need more subtlety for it to be clever.

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