A Quick Overview Of The Thanksgiving Items

Thanksgiving brought us a lot of stuff and instead of putting them up one by one, I found a photo on TSTO TOPIX with all of the new items, except for the Mayflower. Do you like the new items? Could they have done better? Hit the comments and let us know what you think!

Image via TSTO TOPIX. All rights reserved to TSTO TOPIX


6 thoughts on “A Quick Overview Of The Thanksgiving Items

  1. Halloween was the first event I saw after starting the game. I was a bit disappointed that they were just balloons and nothing too exciting. Although I like the new Lisa costume 🙂

  2. I just started during this year’s Halloween event, as well. I think the Mayflower looks cool, but is overpriced for it’s benefits. I was disappointed to find out that the Tribal Chief’s 1 hour job is shop at Kwik-E-Mart, like most everyone else in Springfield…I’ll buy all the non-premiums but not too excited about the premiums!

    • you’ve probably figured it out by now, but i had the same problem. i was even able to send lisa on a job that required the costume, but i could not change back to her regular cloths. To Fix it, i found her costume in my inventory and had ‘use’ it. then everything was fine.

  3. Thanksgiving Task
    •Part 1 ~ Lisa
    o Make Sacagawea Lisa Sulk (60 mins)
    • Part 2 ~ Homer
    o Make Homer find a nice turkey (2 hrs)
    • Part 3 ~ Homer
    o Make Homer organize a search party (24 hrs)
    • Part 4 ~ Homer
    o Make Moe, Ned and Homer hunt for turkeys (12 hrs)
    • Part 5 ~ Ned
    o Make Springfield attend a Wake for Thanksgiving (4 hrs)x(10 characters)
    • Part 6 ~ Sacagawea Lisa
    o Make Sacagawea Lisa care for kidnapped turkey (24 hrs)
    • Part 7 ~ Sacagawea Lisa
    o Make Sacagawea Lisa take field trip to Cletus farm (2 hrs)
    • Part 8 ~ Cletus
    o Make Cletus whittle a Turkey caller (12 hrs)
    • Part 9 ~ Sacajawea Lisa
    o Make Sacajawea Lisa (4 hrs)x(10 TIMES)
    • Part 10 ~ Sacajawea Lisa
    o Make Lisa go to her room (60 mins)
    • Part 11 ~ Homer
    Make Lisa mourn thanksgiving turkey massacre (8 hrs)
    • Part 12 ~ Marge
    o Make Lisa, Marge, Homer, Bart endure Turkey free Thanksgiving (8 hrs)

  4. Since last update, I’m experiencing troubles in the form of being kicked out of the game every 10 seconds and have to restart the app :s

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