The Mayflower Arrives In Springfield

Is your Squidport looking a bit dull? Do you wish there was something new, something really cool looking? Well if you answered yes to those questions then I have good news for you, The Mayflower had docked in Springfield! Now, before you rush to buy it, there are some things that you need to know. First, it will cost you 100 of your hard earned (or bought) doughnuts, which is pretty expensive! Next, it DOES NOT earn you any bonuses, it only improves your vanity rating. Finally and the most important thing you should know,is that is in’t a limited time item, so there’s no need to rush and impulse buy!

Now, some background information on the ship itself. The two flags featured are that of Britain and Denmark but, Denmark’s flag was never featured on the Mayflower, the flag’s colours should be reversed, meaning it should be white with a red cross! That flag is known as St. George’s Cross, and it is historically known to be one of the flags flown on The Mayflower.


4 thoughts on “The Mayflower Arrives In Springfield

  1. Since I started playing at the very end of whacking day event, and there really hasnt been any big events since then, except halloween. I really got all my friends from this site and for basically the halloween event. I noticed some really cool stuff in other peeps towns ie: the waterfall. When did that come out and do you think it will ever make a comeback. I hope so cause me thinks it looks really cool and would be a great asset to my springfield.

    • Hi there.

      There is a possibility of the old items returning,I remember that they had a yard sale where you could get hold of some items that you missed so it may happen again or they will be featured in an up and coming update!. I hope so any way as like yourself I stated playing after the whacking day event had finished!

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