POLL: Group Tasks: Do You Like Them?


Submitted By Thomas


16 thoughts on “POLL: Group Tasks: Do You Like Them?

  1. Hey! Just a caveat to my yes vote…the only time u don’t care for them is when everyone has just started a task prior to the prompt for group.

  2. I like the group, I loved the donuts. What I don’t care for is folks saying they play daily but forget to add the fact they play daily on their screen but don’t bother to visit your neighborhood. They only take. Granted I understand not everyone can can visit every day and its only a game. I haven’t coffee today so a bit cranky . Ok done with rant

  3. Lol I sometimes get lazy and don’t visit everyday. I play everyday but lately have put everyone on 12 hour tasks. I do try to get to visit four or five times a week but geez thats alot of tapping for an hour to visit. So I apologize if I dont get to visit everyday lol. I’ll try to get to visit more. I really should be able to do that because I did for all the goo but we also had the chance for donuts. That would be sweet if ea did that all the time on visits then for sure I would be a daily visitor.

  4. The question is about Group Jobs, like when your job says something like, “Make 20 people eat at the flita-pita”. Group job does not involve people on your friends list, that would be a community job.

  5. and to answer the question, i like them because you have the opportunaty to quickly send people on jobs. if you click the job in the task book, the game finds the people for you. Then when it’s time to collect it is also quick as they are all in the same place.

  6. I agree completely with Dawn, I like them except when they involve people you have just assigned jobs to.. It isn’t a big deal, you just have to assign them once they complete the current task, but it is kind of annoying…

  7. No, on the contrary i would like more individual animated jobs. It makes my town much more lively.
    Also, i would like jobs that take a bit agility, like in het beginning of Halloween , If you tapped real fast you could earn more ghosts ( later on this was no longer possible). Gives a bit more challenge ( and satisfaction , If you do it well 😄).

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