Level 37 Premium Walkthrough Part One: Money Vs. Milhouse

Money Vs. Milhouse Pt.1

Make Luann make Mommy Meals for Milhouse-60mins
Make Luann Check on the Cracker Factory-12hrs

Money Vs Milhouse Pt.2

Make Luann go to Moe’s- 4hrs
Make Milhouse go to his room- 4hrs

Money Vs Milhouse Pt.3

Make Luann Relax in the Jacuzzi Suit- 12hrs
Make Luann Ride in the MegaGlobe- 24hrs

Money Vs Milhouse Pt.4

Make Luann Get an Overpriced Consultant-12hrs

Money Vs Milhouse Pt. 5

Make Luann Run the Cracker Factory- 8hrs (x2)
Make Springfield’s Working Class Work at the Cracker Factory- 10hrs 

(Homer, Lenny, Carl, Hans Moleman, Otto, Cletus & Willie can all be used for the final part of Money Vs Milhouse)


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