Log In Today For Some FREE Doughnuts!


This is just a little reminder to tell you that if you log in today you will get FREE doughnuts! I got 3 as soon as I logged in but as I’m still working my way through the new, small thanksgiving questline there may be more to come!

Thanks, EA!


10 thoughts on “Log In Today For Some FREE Doughnuts!

  1. Tapped out sucks at the moment,game constantly crashes and if it crashes during a quest line it will not re start the quest line again.
    Half way through the new quest line and cant finish it as Lisa will not start part 4. As the name suggests I was addicted-to-tapped out but all the bugs as wearing my patience thin!

      • I have reset my devices,uninstalled and re-installed tapped out with no luck. The quest lines that I started no longer appear anymore,on top of my thanksgiving turkey going AWOL and not even showing in the character sets and the constant crashing I have had about enough to be honest. Contacted EA about this and other issues before and have never EVER had a reply back from them!

  2. I lost all my free donuts because of the check box that appears when you “speed up” a task with donuts. The box says “don’t ask again” for confirmation to spend donuts. As I was madly tapping to clear the $ and XP, I accidentally tapped on a house, then tapped on this check box. It reset my Confirm Donut Spend setting unbeknownst to me. I would like to solicit EA to remove this check box option. This is not the first time it has happened to me. It took me a while to figure out how my setting kept changing. Has this happened to anyone else? Can we start a petition?

  3. What was the end of the thanksgiving quest? My eyes must of been half closed from too much turkey because I sent homer to hack and become famous for ‘computering’ and that was it..nothing more. Or was that it? I did enjoy the dialog before it though…and 6 donuts? Whoo hoo! (Ps the freezing of game is maddening mine freezes during visits to all my friends towns only)

  4. I’ve had no major problems recently, but I did have a problem a while back I emailed them about. I did get a response, but it took about a week (and the problem had resolved itself by then!). Maybe they’re v busy as lots of people seem to be having glitches at the moment?

  5. If ur game is freezing. Make sure all ur characters are present. Pack up building and such with characters. My game was freezing and I did this. It’s been fine ever since

  6. This game is one big rip off the only way to have donuts is to use your real money to get them this is a game why don’t missions give donuts

    • You get donuts for leveling up,you can dig them up whilst cleaning Springfield and win them on the balloon pop game in Krustyland.Buying Premium items is a choice!,no-one forces you to spend real money on them and they are not essential to the game!

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