Still Waiting

At the moment we are still waiting eagerly for the Christmas update. While we wait we want to know what items you hope are in the update.

Do you want the items from last year available again, things like Santa’s Village and the Mapple Store? Also what new characters, decorations and buildings are you hopping to see, lets us know in the comment section below.



26 thoughts on “Still Waiting

  1. has anyone else notice that the Kwik-e-Mart scratch games are just a little differernt. It used to have the Golden scratch game ontop of the regular scratch game. now they are switched around.

  2. I want them to get the bar flies in the game and have Barney have a new outfit for snow plow. It would be good to have Apus wife and 8 kids also. Each kid a different challenge- having to complete a bunch of missions to gradually unlock them.

  3. I think they should add Maggie, then we will have the whole Simpsons family! 🙂 Springfield Mall, Fire Department, Snowball 2 and more land!!!

  4. Need more characters and buildings, I own all the Land you can buy, need to fill it in. I would like to see the Characters doing the Tasks, like Apu doing his shift at the Store, or Skinner at Moe’s.

    More is Always Better.

  5. I’m in favor of all the old items from last year in addition to new ones.

    Would like to see a community goal as well.

    Depending on the amount of new stuff, new land is always appreciated. Even without new stuff, new land is appreciated 😛

    And my official wish going forward for each and every update… a character locator or some way to call any of your characters to a tapped spot.

  6. I would like them to add Gil or someone from way back, Troy McClure. I wouldn’t be upset about some Mr Plow vs Plow King quests.

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