When is the update?

The current speculation over the update seems to be that we will get it once the current episode tie-in ends.

Hopefully this is so, we are all eagerly awaiting this update.


14 thoughts on “When is the update?

  1. for the holloween tie-in they asked us a question. Does anyone know if they’re going to ask us a question on this one? i’m buisy on sunday nights and won’t have time to watch the episode.

  2. Wow you people r impatient.. it’s a game.. A great game.. but sounds like it rules some of Ur lives.. excited for the update. Should be fun.. take Ur time EA.. do it right

  3. Been checking multiple times a day for the Christmas update since Thanksgiving was over. Not only do I want to decorate my town but if there is anything I need to collect I want to be able to get it all in before its over. (Like they did with the goo over Halloween) HURRY UP CHRISTMAS!!

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