Will we get a community event?

As you will all know, with Halloween we received a community goal, the question is will we get one for Christmas. It seems a fair assumption that they would want to continue this trend. For most parts they are fun, but if they are to long we tend to lose interest thinking our part wont help much anyway.

Would you like to have a community event for Christmas or would you rather none at all?

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2 thoughts on “Will we get a community event?

  1. I would like one personally. I don’t feel as if my contribution as a whole makes much of an impact, I’m sure I’m less than a hundredth of a percent of the grand total of goo collected for example, but it’s fun to know that we as a community collected 30 billion Goo and were rewarded (not always well, but rewarded. Sick Frog boy with no quest for example was a bad reward imo)

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