Last Christmas Recap!!

With the Christmas event hopefully getting closer I thought it might be a good idea to look back at what we received in last years event. I wont be looking at any of the things we received from level 24 which was released during Christmas 2012. We will also look at the cost of the items.


  • Mapple Store – 150 Santa Coins
  • Barney’s Bowlarama – 200 Santa Coins
  • Try-N-Save – 450 Santa Coins
  • Krustylu Studios – 140 Donuts
  • Santa’s Village – 200 Donuts


  • Barney – Bulid Barney’s Bowlarama
  • Santa’s Little Helper – 1500 Santa Coins
  • Sideshow Mel – Build Krystlu Studios
  • Santa Homer – Build Santa’s Village
  • Purple Funzo – 750 Santa Coins
  • Pink Funzo – 1000 Santa Coins
  • Blue Funzo – 50 Donuts


  • Holiday Tree – 75 Donuts
  • Reindeer – 20 Donuts
  • Lamp Post – 385 Cash
  • Canon – 20 Donuts
  • Ambulance – 30 Donuts


  • Christmas Simpsons House – 50 Santa Coins
  • Christmas Flanders House – 50 Santa Coins
  • Christmas Brown House – 50 Santa Coins
  • Christmas Cletus’s Farm – 50 Santa Coins
  • Christmas Purple House – 50 Santa Coins
  • Christmas Blue House – 50 Santa Coins
  • Christmas Van Houten Home – 50 Santa Coins
  • Christmas Pink House – 50 Santa Coins
  • Christmas White House – 50 Santa Coins
  • Christmas Willie’s Shack – 50 Santa Coins
  • Christmas Orange House – 50 Santa Coins
  • Christmas Muntz Home – 50 Santa Coins
  • Christmas Krabapple Apt. – 50 Santa Coins
  • Christmas Frink’s Lab – 50 Santa Coins
  • Christmas Volcano Lair – 50 Santa Coins

I wonder how much we  will receive this year, and also how much of the old stuff if any they will bring back. Let us know in the comments which item you would like back the most.

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23 thoughts on “Last Christmas Recap!!

  1. I hope I’m able to get santas little helper this year as I only started playing during the Christmas update last year so didn’t get enough coins!

    • The only downside to your protest is you are missing out on cash that you may need for Christmas items/buildings and whilst you are not earning XP then you wont level up any quicker.

      • hadn’t thought about that I have about $200k but I should probs get some more but I don’t need to level up so I’m good (lvl 37)

  2. I really hope they bring back the old stuff, like they did with Halloween. I didn’t get a chance to get it all last year, but I’m hoping for lots of great NEW buildings & characters, plus MORE LAND!!!!!! Hope the Santa coins make a return! Can some one post the answers for the tie in?? I won’t have a chance to watch the episode until tm. 😦 plus add me everyday player!! tabylayne

    • I read @ facebook Tapped Out page someone saying tomorrow or tuesday,, well let’s hope that’s right,, tired of waiting, i want my winter snow town FAST ^^

  3. Actually the decoration on the houses earned you some Santa coins, they weren’t jut there for looks. It was thanks to those decorations that I was able to get santas little helper before the event was over last year.

  4. I got an alert today saying there’s only 24hrs left to get an exclusive quest-line and free prize, which is the episode tie-in. So I think the update will be tomorrow, once the tie-in quest has finished.

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