Keep Your Characters Free!

Homer Excited

This is very important when we’re expecting a big update! But, why is it important that we keep the characters free? Well, Homer and/or Lisa are usually the ones to start off an update but they might switch it up a bit this time, you never know! Besides, once the update hits, you can put your characters on tasks that will earn you some special currency that will help you earn whatever prizes are up for grabs!

Keep it here for all the latest on the upcoming Christmas 2013 update!

18 thoughts on “Keep Your Characters Free!

  1. Usually the update is done through the Google Play store. When I did the update for the Halloween, I did have characters doing quests, update went through fine. Good info, will keep it in mind, maybe set the main characters on hour missions only.

  2. I’ve kept my characters free for days now with the anticipation of the update :D, Not to worry I have about 10 million in cash and a stack full of donuts ready for the update and to bring you guys the walk-through’s as soon as I can.

  3. on tapped out Facebook page, yesterday they posted saying only 1 day left to get the tie in stuff.
    i would hope the update comes out tonight removing the tie in and giving us xmas

    we can hope 😦

    • Where are you getting your information from? I hope you’re wrong I think they’re just working all the bugs out that plagued the last Christmas update

  4. Maybe they are going to do the 12 days of Christmas and release it on the 12th Dec but who knows but so far it’s looking that way. Come on EA hurry up.

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