Possible update time!!!!

It is very possible that we will have the Christmas update at 10am west coast time.

I really hope so this wait is killing me. How have you been preparing for the update, let’s us know in the comment section.


100 thoughts on “Possible update time!!!!

  1. I’m going on holiday soon (during actual Christmas) to be with my family I wont be allowed to play tapped out then so I really hope they release the update so I can get a chance to play the game before I have to leave.

  2. It may be possible that the update does not arrive until Thursday. There is a rumour that EA are planning a 12 days of Christmas event!.
    Truth is nobody knows for sure until the update hits but I am eagerly awaiting it the same as you guys!

  3. To Tapped Out Daily,

    I’m becoming very impatient due to the fact that this Christmas update isn’t even here. It is taking too long for it to come and my game is getting boring because I’m waiting to play with the new update. By the time this update comes, Christmas will be over. stop with the Christmas blogs and just update our game.

    Impatient Tapped Out Player.

  4. This is killing me waiting for this update. Don’t care when it comes just want a defo answer of what date it will be.
    Add me: jimbob697

  5. I am guessing that there will be a New Years tie-in with the Christmas update, which is why there has been such a delay…even if I am drooling in suspense and feeling ever so impatient!

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