Christmas Items!!

This is a complete list of the items in the Christmas update, I will not be including how you receive these items.

Also on a side note we have an find friends section, that is where you ask for people to add you.


  • Ice God
  • Maggie Snowman
  • Santa’s Little Helper Snowdog
  • Snowball II Snowcat
  • Grampa Snowman
  • Homer Snowman
  • Marge Snowman
  • Bart Snowman
  • Lisa Snowman
  • Reindeer
  • Festive Trashcan Fire
  • Festive Hot Drink Stand
  • Festive Lawn Angel
  • Festive Nutcracker
  • Festive Candy Cane
  • Festive Fancy Lawn Bell
  • Festive Lawn Bell
  • Festive Bell Lamp Post
  • Festive Wreath Lamp Post
  • Festive Bow Lamp Post
  • Holiday Tree
  • Jet Engine Bike
  • Devil’s Float
  • Backwater Brewery
  • Present Depot
  • Plow King


  • Christmas Simpsons House
  • Christmas Flanders House
  • Christmas Brown House
  • Christmas Cletus’s Farm
  • Christmas Purple House
  • Christmas Blue House
  • Christmas Van Houten Home
  • Christmas Pink House
  • Christmas White House
  • Christmas Willie’s Shack
  • Christmas Orange House
  • Christmas Muntz Home
  • Christmas Krabapple Apt.
  • Christmas Frink’s Lab
  • Christmas Volcano Lair
  • Christmas Reactor Towers


  • Yes Man
  • Mr. Costington
  • Grumball
  • Candy Kevin
  • Snow Monster
  • Christmas Racoon


  • Mr Plow Homer
  • Plow King Barney
  • Santa Homer
  • Santa Ned
  • Ebenezer Burns

Krustland Rides

  • Happy Little Elves Ride


  • Santa’s Workshop
  • Santa’s Village
  • Egg Nog Bar
  • Springfield Mall
  • Helter Shelter
  • Claus Co
  • Elf Home
  • Springfield Skating Rink
  • Costington Department Store

We also received a character locator as part of the update.

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42 thoughts on “Christmas Items!!

    • agreed. Makes putting everyone back to work 80% faster! The going from friend to friend arrows is a lot better as well when visiting friends. I blew through all 70 friends in 15 minutes.

      • Yes, yes, and yes. It may be a “Christmas Update” but for me it’s really a “OMG THANKYOU SO MUCH FOR FAST FRIEND TRAVEL AND CHARACTER LOCATOR OF SORTS UPDATE”.

        Yes, worthy of all caps.

        Enjoying the Christmas stuff so far, but it doesn’t matter at all now that I can locate my characters and daily friend actions are so much faster.

    • Joe, once you’ve collected from the Egg Nog Hut for the first time you get access to the Krusty Wheel Spin prize thingy. You can win the facades on that, as well as a load of other stuff. Good luck!

    • Hi Todd.

      You need to have gifts in the first place and then when you visit friends towns in the top right corner there is a present and you can drop up to 5 in each town.

    • First you need gifts (which you can get from in your own gifts or buy with donuts). Then they need to have their metal Christmas tree up (basically the first thing you do with this update). Then in the upper right hand corner, you can drop up to 5 presents a day.

  1. Am I the only one that is missing Christmas items to buy?? They were there earlier but now gone….. The devils float & jet engine bike were their to buy but after a weird in game update they disappeared??????

  2. Can someone please explain the krusty wheel thing to me? I have clicked on the egg nog place but nothing happened I just got some of those Christmas ticket things?

    • The Egg Nog Bar generates one coin every 24 hours. One coin allows you to spin the wheel of fate, which will allow you to aquire all the ice sculptures (Simpsons family + Ice God) for free, as well as two skins (Homer Plow Skin, Barney Plow Skin) and a large number of Christmas skins for your various houses assuming you didn’t get them last year.

      And of course, you can always buy more spins with donuts 😉

    • YES!!! i can’t believe no one else has commented on that!! I love that update way more than the character finder. No more loading back to the ‘friends’ page. I’ve got 70+ friends, so not having to sit through 70 loading screens really cuts the time down.

  3. The only thing I can say is “SORRY EA!” This is one of the best updates ever made for the game, and the waiting was worth it…
    Please add me: madshvk


  4. How do I get the Christmas facades for the houses? I got the quest for the decorated houses today and I don’t know how to do it.

  5. A problem about the new update. Instead of making the friends gifts for a centralized location. Apparently your friends can drop them anywhere. Which can be time consuming to hunt down. So go to the move item icon you know the cross with arrows, turn your characters off, houses, etc. Makes it easier to track gifts dropped by friends.

    If someone can use correct terminology please do..

  6. I’m with Emily. It says to decorate three houses. I’ve added just about every decoration. What am I supposed to do? Add me please, jlfellows

  7. Ok I just got the fabulous wheel of prizes and saw the three houses were on that. So thanks for letting me have a public “duh” moment!

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