26 thoughts on “First look at the snow

  1. What I have to do for kindle is sign out of tapped out then erase the game all together even out of the cloud then redown load and sign back in and all updates are there. It sucks but takes hours off update time.

  2. Do you know if I have to wait (or tap) the money and gifts to go into the inventory before they actually get applied? So if I visit another Springfield and move out of the town before the money falls to the bottom, do I still get the money? Or can I just tap and leave?

    • I tried that yesterday and the tickets didn’t add to my total when I left the town before picking them up. So it seems you really need to pick up the tickets before you leave. With money and xp it seems to be different though…

  3. Anyone who can tell me what to do with the ‘have types of decorated houses’ quest? You must decorate three houses but I don’t know how.

  4. btw, I really like the new arrows that lead you to the next partner springfield. no need to jump back to the friends overview and tap the next city.

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