58 thoughts on “Prizes

  1. Hey man jus checked the Simpsons update and I got ALL OF THE ITEMS FROM KRUSTY’s wheel, ALL THE ITEMS FROM DONUTS, ALL THE ITEMS FROM CHRISTMAS ITEMS, whoo hoo!! Lol lol. Done and done. Now what’s left for me is the community game. Check out my mblayze2 town: ALL DONE. LMFAO (I enjoyed my lunch break big time!)

    • hmm.. that’s interesting. (totally off topic) Most of my friends and I have a very large amount of donuts but i just realized now that no one on this site ever really makes a comment that shines light on that fact.

      • Its easy enough to get large amounts of donuts but it kind of takes the enjoyment out of the game do you think?

    • I’d love to add u but I’m at my limit of 99 friends! I wish EA allows however many friends but the limit is 98-100 friends. Smh! Idk y but I’m sure many other ppl will add u to theirs (if they are not at their limit). 🙂 Happy Tapping!!

  2. I’m lost it tells me I need 10 houses with decorations. I have 8 I guess from last year. I can’t seem to figure out how to add lights to my other houses. Please help

      • Hi Heather.

        You are correct!.
        You can win cash and prizes on the Krusty Wheel with the coins from the Egg Nog Bar 😀

      • Yes it does. After u have finished the nog Bar’s time, then appears the Krusty wheel permanently 🙂

  3. seems like the gift drop rates will really have to pick up to get any of the community prizes. Moving much slower than the Halloween prizes and if it continues at this same pace we may not reach the first prize.

    • It was like that on the first day of the halloween update,it looks like many on my friends list need to add the update but once everyone get cracking I am sure we can pull together and do it. We did it with days to spare at Halloween 😀

      • but the difference is with Halloween it was collecting goo and you could get lots with Christmas it is dropping gift bags which is limited to 5 per friend per day (that I have noticed) and you have a limited number of friends so it will go much slower and so far I have not collected enough gift bags to give each friend 5 a day. I think we can still get rewards but I not sure about all of them hopefully players will prove me wrong.

      • So do I, respectfully. 🙂 I love Simpsons fun, and even tho I’m always bizzy, I try to make time for this game… As Homer would say, “Mmmmmm Community Prizes” LOL!

    • last night (10pm CST) it was increasing at about 100/sec. right now (10am CST) it’s going at about 300/sec. i can definitly tell people are discovering the update.

      • it does not accelerate anymore though, yesterday at some point it was about 500/Sec. but now it’s again about 300 😦

    • Top right hand corner of the screen shows a present which you can drop up to 5 of them in each of your friends towns by tapping it but only if you have presents to give.

      • Yes, the knob is there now (yesterday it was not yet available, though i already had presents and also the assigment to drop them, so i wondered..) . Thx.

  4. I see that some people have lights on there houses, how do you get those. My first simpsons tap out christmas so. I really like them. Add me too heathermac74

    • The lights were available last year but you can win most of them from the Krusty Wheel – I just won the Skinner House lights by spinning it

  5. Any idea how many giftcards we need to reach the personal and community maximum? We could generate a timeline-spreadsheet to see if we are “on track”.

  6. Can someone please explain the krusty wheel thing to me? I have clicked on the egg nog place but nothing happened I just got some of those Christmas ticket things?

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