Too Much of a good thing! Walkthrough


Well the Christmas update is upon us and I hope that for you it lives up to the anticipation!

Here at tapped out daily we always strive to bring you the latest information so here is the walk-through for the first quest line.

Too much of a good thing!

Pt.1 Build present depot

Pt.2 Collect 10 present

Pt.3 (requires Homer+ Lisa) Make Homer a snowman (16 hours),Make Lisa make snow Angels (6 Hours)

Pt.4 (requires Homer) Make Apu set up a gift card Promotion (8 Hours)

Pt.5 (requires Ned) Make Ned buy new throw pillows (12 Hours)

Pt.6 (requires Apu) Make Apu Celebrate Pancha Ganapati (8 Hours)

Pt.7 (requires Cletus) Make Cletus count up family members (24 Hours)

Pt.8 (requires Krusty) Make Krusty use credit to pay off credit (16 Hours)

Pt.9 (requires Millhouse) Build a house of gift cards (12 hours)

Pt.10 Make 12 Springfielders eat at a restaurant (4 Hours)

Pt.11 Reach Level 15 and Build Moes Tavern, Make 12 Springfielders enjoy a beer (4 Hours)

Pt.12 Make 12 Springfielders shop for loved ones (6 hours)

Pt.13 (Requires Marge) Make Lisa Ponder over the meaning of the Holidays (24 Hours)

Pt.14 Make 12 Springfielders overeat (8 Hours)

Pt.15 Make 12 Springfielders drink too much (8 Hours)

Pt.16 Make 12 Springfields stampede stores (12 Hours)

Pt.17 (requires Lisa) Make Lisa Destroy gift card (1 Hour)

Pt.18 Make Homer hide from Springfielders(24 hours)

Make Lisa Hide from Springfielders(24 Hours)

Make 12 springfielders hunt for the Simpsons (8 Hours)

Pt.19 Make Lisa Read Fine Print (12 Hours)

Pt.20 Collect 50 Presents


42 thoughts on “Too Much of a good thing! Walkthrough

  1. Good Thing Pt. 1 Task and Placed the Present Depot your town starts to earn Gift Boxes. The gift boxes appear out of the Present Depot and once you grab them they’ll disappear and be replaced with Gift Cards and other goodies, like gift bags……..

    When I placed the present depot nothing happened I don’t get any gifts I can get pass too much of a good thing pt 1 it says I placed the present depot but its still in my task and won’t let me get pass or do anything

  2. Did I miss the episode tie tie-in? Nothing happened for a few days then Xmas update, but still no prompt to answer questions. Did I just miss it?

  3. Mine seems to be stuck! The quest said build present depot, which I did, then nothing! The pic of the gift card is still on the left side, when I hit it it says build present depot then done! I’ve tried moving it and reinstalling my game, I thought I might have to wait and collect presents but I’ve now got 43! Anyone got any ideas? I’ve been stuck since the update came out! I can’t even leave presents in others towns yet! Sooo frustrating! Any ideas?

  4. I’m stuck on pt 12. I completed pt 11, but there’s no promt for pt 12. Who trigger this part?
    I’ve freed up all my characters

  5. Just a hint… When you get to level 18 hold off on completing the quest with homer and Lisa. Get the townspeople to keep doing “hunt for the simpsons” task. It’s an incredibly fast way to gain all the gift cards you need very quickly and in turn all those prizes 🙂

  6. I know this isn’t the correct forum for friend requests, but I did place one in the right forum too…

    Please add me:
    Level 37+

  7. I’m on part 12 (shop for loved ones) & I assumed that the characters would go to the Springfield Mall (I don’t have any other shops other than comic book store) but I can’t find any of the characters I sent shopping – where are they & where will the thumbs up icon be 6hrs later? Thanks to everyone who helps out on here! 🙂

  8. For the task that say “Make 12 Springfielders” do something. I send 11 to do that task and let them complete then send everybody that can to do that same task, so you can get an extra 11x ??? gift cards.

  9. I’m stuck, part 17 isn’t prompting. I have everybody free. Tried uninstall/re-install. Can’t store Lisa to try that trick, any help?

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