Christmas 2013 – Characters, Prizes & More!



I’ve added some new stuff to the site. You can access the new pages regarding all the new items by clicking on the links below, from the ‘Christmas 2013’ page or by mousing over the ‘Christmas 2013’ tab in the menu bar.

Merry Christmas!

Christmas Characters:

Christmas Buildings:

Christmas Decorations:

Returning Items:

Personal Prizes:

Community Prizes:

Krusty’s Wheel:


9 thoughts on “Christmas 2013 – Characters, Prizes & More!

  1. I wasn’t able to get my holiday tree. When the task started and I got disconnected i believe before i was asked to attain a holiday tree ( the bigger xmas tree w/ presents under it; not the metal one from Clause Co)
    What can I do to try to get the tree or where can I find it please help!

    • If you’ve reached the required amount of gift cards to get is as a personal prize, it will be in your inventory. If it’s not there and it should be, you should contact EA for assistance, but be aware that it can take up to two weeks to receive a response from them.

  2. Does anyone think the ratio of gift bags to gift cards is so low that reaching the community goals is going to be difficult? At Halloween, the currency for community gifts was the primary on – goo – and the secondary one (gremlins) was just for fun. Now the secondary one (gift bags) is more important and the numbers are just as high as if it was primary (gift cards). With just a month to go, I wonder if it’s going to be possible.

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