Flander’s Dual-Colored Dreamcoat Mini Quest Walkthrough


As you work your way through collecting the personal prizes you will unlock various items,Buildings and character skins.

One of these is Santa Flanders and he comes with his own mini quest.

Here is a quick walk-through for Flanders Dual Colored Dreamcoat mini quest.

Pt 1. Reach Level 9 and build Springfield Elementary.

           Make Santa Flanders get slightly too Religious as Santa.

Pt 2. Reach Level 14 and Build First Church of Springfield.

           Make Santa Flanders Deliver a Too-Religious Sermon.

Pt 3. Make Santa Flanders Go-A-Carolin’

Pt 4. Make Santa Flanders Deliver Presents Door-to-Door.

pt 5. Make Santa Flanders Celebrate the Holidays.


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