What happens to the Spin Wheel?


As you may have started to notice, when you receive an item from the spin wheel another replaces it. Once you receive all the items your wheel will have three cash icons, and two bronze gift cards, three silver gift cards and two gold gift cards.

The cash icons give $1000
The bronze gift cards give 50 gift cards
The silver gift cards give 100/150/225 gift cards
The gold gift cards give 250/275 gift cards

How is your luck going with the wheel so far? let us know in the comments below.



51 thoughts on “What happens to the Spin Wheel?

  1. Spun til I got all but Ice God. It is a lot harder now that there is only one prize left…now just a lot of cash and several gift cards.

  2. I have got everything apart from the Yeti, and that is the thing I want the most. I keep landing on cash all the time now & I don’t need it. 😦

  3. I’ve spun a few times & got a lot of stuff I already had from last year 😦 I did get helter shelter which was awesome, but I think the tokens are over priced & extremely hard to come by

    • I’ve found a way of manipulating the wheel so it lands on what you want!. Move the wheel about 2 away from the prize you want then do the tiniest spin you can. If it just move one space move it back as it need to move at-least 2 spaces to register 😀

      • Thanks for posting. Had three coins and tried this. Wasn’t able to make the wheel move for just two spots, but was happy anyway – finally finally got the yeti creature in my first round. Been waiting on that one since the beginning! Was so happy that I took a screen shot 😉

        Add me : breathelove

  4. i have spent 100 foughnuts to get 7,000 in cash ..very sad…..did get some other stuff, but the money thing is irritating , should at least all be gift cards….

  5. The Holidays Guide says tap presents to win gift cards and spin tokens but I havn’t had a single toekn from tapping presents yet. I only get one aday from the Egg Nog Bar. Only won house decorations so far, yawn.

  6. I got four decorated houses and one Snowman. In the explanation EA writes that it’s possible to get a coin from packages but I can only get them from the bar. 😦

  7. I got lucky. In two spins I got the Ice God and Claus Co, apparently the two rarest. It helps though that I have all the facades from last year (minus skinner)

  8. Well I believe my wheel is different from the one showing here. On mine most are snow sculptures of the Simpson’s and building decorations. Got Lisa, Marge and the baby whose name I forgot. Do they switch to something else once you got it?

  9. What happens if you unlock Plow King and you don’t already have Barney? Do you unlock him? Hoping it’s a cheap/free way to unlock him, but we will see…

  10. My spin wheel doesn’t remove prizes I’ve already received. I think it’s a bit of a waste, you were able to get the Simpsons snowmen last year for doughnuts, feels like I wasted real money.

  11. I have spent doughnuts, money and I get 1 token for every 1000 giftcards. So thats 5 tokens daily and it always lands on money. I havent been able to get claus co, the snow monster or the other building. I’m getting pissed off with this wheel.

  12. so after 150 in donuts (30 spins) and 11 free coin spins there is still ONE PRIZE on the wheel it refuses to let me have …..its getting old

  13. I keep getting the damn cash icon. I could care less about $1000 came cash. I want the other items but every time I spin I get the damn cash.

  14. I spin the wheel 5 or 6 times a day. I’ve received the snow sculptures and house decorations and cash/gift cards galore. I’ve been waiting semi patiently for the snow beast and claus co but nothing! The claus Co building hasn’t even shown on my wheel which of course makes it impossible to win! I love the xmas update otherwise. (Although Halloween has it beat with all the donuts won!)

  15. If you are tight for money. Here is a way. I have 13.3 M dollars and don’t know what to spend it on I have all the land I can buy. It would not let me buy more land. If i put all my houses I would get 150000 every 8 hours. Never bought anything from the store. Takes patience and time. Buy blue houses that gives you $150 every 8 hours. I started with brown houses and made enough money every 8 hours to buy blue houses with that money. Blue houses are 1800 each. So if you buy 12 of those houses you would get 1 house free everytime (you would get enough money to buy 1 house at no cost.) I wont even tell you how many blue and green houses I have in inventory. but you get the idea.. When you do place the houses..but them right beside each other.. don’t worry about making space.. once you have enough money.. you can store the houses in your inventory and make room.

    add me if you like. Iam at level 37 i did my xp collections and still stuck at 37.. i guess they have not made the next level yet.


  16. I received all the gifts EXCEPT the snow monster. Been trying weeks for him now and ONLY get 1000 cash. Every time. Aggravating. Add me – dcjcf1

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