Will we hit the Goals for the Community Prizes?

After Showing EA what the collective power of Fellow Tappers can do during the Halloween event have they set unrealistic targets this Time?

It difficult to say as no-one but EA really knows the amount of people playing The Simpsons Tapped out so its hard to do the math!.

As an example if there were 900 000 players with 100 friends each and each of them were able to drop 5 gift bags into every single one of their friends towns then it would take 24 hours to unlock the First Community prize!

This is unrealistic I know just an example of the enormity of the target!

As I check the Community Total now its just short of 80 000 000 for the first 3 days of the event with 25 days remaining!

Its looking like it might take another 4-5 days to unlock the first Community prize so its really not looking promising that we will unlock all of them!.

What do you think guys can we pull together and show EA again? 

Just a quick note that since I posted this Yesterday it seems like the pace is starting to pick up and it now stands at

122 000 000.

That is an increase of 42 000 000 in the last 24 hours!


51 thoughts on “Will we hit the Goals for the Community Prizes?

  1. Thank you for bringing this up! With the ratio of Gift Cards to Gift Bags being, roughly, 10 to 1, it seems highly unlikely we’ll make it. We just barely made it during Halloween when Goo was what you needed and that was the most prevalent currency. I think they’d need to change the community currently to gift cards, NOT gift bags, for it to work out. They’re simply not as prevalent.

    • I couldn’t agree with you more,during Halloween goo was the main currency so to speak with the Gremlins seeming like an afterthought!. This time they have switched it around and its it harder to get a respectable amount of gift bags to drop in your friends town UNLESS you spend 10 or 15 Donuts purchasing them!!!!. Is this just a coincidence or a ploy from EA to make people purchase donuts that is something for people to mull over.

    • wow i didnt even notice it was ONLY giftbags for community! I thought it was both cards and bags,, now we really not going to make it cause we get a little amount of giftbags with the presents, not fair from EA playing like this 😦

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  2. I highly doubt we will hit the targets – we will probably only get the first prize!:(
    I definitely think it’s because we got all the community prizes so quickly at Halloween!:)

    • I think the first prize is 4 or 5 days away,I really think it depends on how much it will take to unlock the next community prize!.
      If its another 450 000 000 then we can expect it to take around another 8 days to hit that target!.

  3. 450,00,00 for the first community prize .. bar set waaaaaay too high this time .. also the numeric spans between personal prizes is also quite high

    I don’t think we’ll hit them all … 24 hrs to wait for visiting too long .. at times the timeframes on this game are too unrealistic

    for what it’s worth !!!

    • All comments are always appreciated Lisa. The only way of visiting your friends more than once a day is just to drop gift bags and do nothing else then you can return to their towns later with the chance to drop more gift bags, The problem is that people are not getting enough gift bags to give to all their friends in the first place let alone to revisit them!

      • That’s true. I feel stingy because I have about 95 friends and only get about 25 gift bags a day, so I can’t even give everyone one gift bag.

  4. The target is unrealistic, & I don’t think I’m unlucky, but I’m only getting about 40 giftbags a day to drop in friends towns, so despite playing keenly and having the maximum amount of friends allowed. I’m only managing to drop 5 giftbags in 8 friends towns a day.

    Most the presents I seem to recieve don’t contain giftbags

      • omg lol i only have 3 personal prizes left, this time on the last challenge we already got the first community prize

      • thats really true…makaes me sad to be set up for failure !!!! in 24 hours i dont even recieve enough bags to give ONLY ONE to half of my neighbours, let alone 5

  5. I can’t see us being able to get very far with it, the numbers are just too great. Not sure where they get their numbers from, maybe they don’t want to give anything away.
    You can add me if you like…

  6. It looks totally impossible to me! I have a feeling ea don’t want us to unlock them all so they can sell the last ones at a ‘reduced’ price for donuts. Crafty indeed :p

      • Well that’s a pretty hard way to look at things. No one is forcing you to buy these items, and if you have to go without so be it. I didn’t get the last few Halloween items and I’m doing just fine without them. If you don’t want to pay, don’t pay and move on.

  7. I get between 25 -45 giftbags a day which I can give away and I think the price in donuts to buy extra gift bags is a bit high! I hope we get some of the prizes but I doubt we will get them all! :0/

    • It is the first icon at the bottom of the screen this will take you to your personal prizes screen and then at the bottom on the right there is an icon for the community prizes

  8. I’m not too bothered about the community prizes anyway…they don’t look very good. The gift card prizes are so much better! However it is a shame!

    Add me please 🙂

  9. I think EA will extend and give it to us or rig the numbers slightly in our favor. Why would they waste so much time creating a new character like the yes guy to not give it to us. I really don’t care for the stripped power plant anyway. But there’s also that 2 day window on Christmas Day and the day after for the double gift card and gift bag event. Everyone will get double the value of them for 2 days. Plus they’re giving us a free grumple on Christmas Day and a free reindeer before the event ends. Seriously guys, have a little faith in the game we all love… I’m also sure once the school break happens they’ll be more numbers as a lot of people have exams and what not before the Christmas break motto mention shopping. I’m sure we’ll a increase of gift bag frequency once more tappers are free to play.

    • That is the kind of positive comment that I am looking for!. Since I posted this blog I have noticed that the community total is increasing much quicker now and think people have got their acts together to prove me wrong. I’m pretty sure we will hit the targets as this is the first of a few short updates to come and no-body knows what EA may have install for us!

  10. I have faith that we will get all the prizes. There is nothing that says that this community event is going to work like the Halloween one, the first goal could unlock more than one prize. I have seen goals posted for each prize, but EA has shown it is very aware that the online community hacks the files and publishes things like this. I wouldn’t be surprised if the game is updated multiple times before the event is over.

  11. I think they will adjust the numbers to keep us tapping and keep us happy. I have seen two updates already with no obvious signs of what has changed. I think/hope they will be dynamic about this event. After all, it is Christmas.

  12. I can’t find where to access the community prize counter? I can see the personal prizes though. When it first appeared I saw it but nothing since. Am I missing something?

  13. ea is a mysterious and evil corporation they will probably SPEED IT UP hoping people will pay for more gift bags to “HELP”

    also while im on topic here add me hourly player always on atleast 20/7 sirwinsalot

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  14. I like the prizes just like everyone else but what I dislike even more than not getting them is, that I have to plan and choose which of my friends get bags and which not, even though I only give a maximum of three bags per player. 😦

  15. i think everyone just needs to calm down. if everyone just does their best we will unlock some prizes. if we don’t unlock all of them it won’t matter. Everyone complained before the update came out, now everyone’s still complaining.

  16. More than likely, if we don’t make all the community prizes, EA will release them for us to purchase anyways. you might say, “But it’ll cost too many donuts”. Well, if you don’t want it enough to spend donuts on it, then maybe you should stop crying about not getting it for free.

  17. I think we’ll end up having to buy these with donuts. EA has set an absurdly unrealistic goal unless this event goes far longer than 5 weeks.

    I throw gifts out as I can, but since I refuse to buy more and only use what I get when opening gifts… My present generation is probably no more than 30 a day.

  18. I keep on looking at the numbers rise…oh so slowly. We will never reach the numbers they have set, it needs to be realistic . We haven’t got the first yet, so we can wave goodbye to the other prizes. We will reach the first but i don’t expect any more. Hangs head dejected lol.

    • Maybe the goal IS realistic but it’s the players who aren’t pulling their weight. it’s interesting that we are failing the community challenge and without proper knowledge, people like you try to put the blame on EA.

  19. Just a heads up. Nothing is by chance in this game. It all happens, just not necessarily at the same time for everyone. Come on people this game is not rocket science and there is very little strategy, I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news. For those of you who get ‘overwhelmed’ by this game, come on, really? On the the other hand, I have good news for you all, you will get every community prize, fear not. Remember Halloween when the goo increase was exactly the same the entire Halloween period regardless of time of day or phase of the moon? It’s all part of the EA Tsto manifest destiny.

  20. we are just over the halve of the number for the first prize after exactly one week playing the Xmas update, so yet another week and we have the first prize, the rest we are not gonna win cause of the time we have left till 7th januari,, too bad!

  21. Since gift bags only come from the timed, game-generated gifts, it doesn’t matter how many friends you have. I would Like to give every friend 5 gift bags a day, instead I have to choose who will get any gift bags each day.

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