What is your favourite prize?


Out of the ten personal prizes available this year, what is your favourite one, let us know in the comments which one you like and why.

My personal favourite is The Springfield Mall, mainly because it looks awesome as hell and it’s about time we got it.



18 thoughts on “What is your favourite prize?

  1. The Plow King/Mr. Plow thing is my favorite. Loved the TV episode and the jingle. A great comment on advertising practices of today. Brilliant!

  2. So far (I got the skating rink this morning – it’s 1 AM of the 19th in Europe now) the one I like best is the elf house thingy, just because it helps getting the presents that are behind buildings and decorations.

    While you’re at it, if you need another friend, add me: Manha

  3. The egg nog bar cos it gives you spin coins! Although I keep landing on money and not actual prizes!! What are the odds of landing on money 5 spins in a row???

    • Depends on how many money slices you’ve unlocked.

      There are 10 slices, once you’ve unlocked everything you’ll have…
      3 Money
      2 Bronze Gift Cards
      3 Silver Gift Cards
      2 Gold Gift Cards

      If you’ve fully “unlocked” all the money slices, then each spin has a 30% chance of being cash (assuming of course that EA doesn’t have the board weighted towards any particular slice).

      To land on any one of the three cash options five times in a row…

      .3 * .3 * .3 * .3 * .3 = .00243, or 0.243% chance of that happening.

      If you’ve only 2 money slices, then you’ve a 0.032% chance of it happening five times in a row.

      And if you’ve only one slice, you’ve a 0.001% chance of getting money five times in a row.

  4. 1st fave is Costington’s although a voice for Mr Costington would have been cool. 2nd fave is the Elf House because of the work they do.
    Hard to choose because overall this event’s prizes are probably better than Halloween … what was the point of that vacuum-bot thing?

  5. Hey y’all this is off topic: I was wondering if anyone could tell me how to get the meanie greenie grinch?? I saw one lurking about in one of my friends town, anyone can help?

  6. Has to be a tie between Santa Flanders and the Christmas Raccoon.

    The best prize on the wheel is a tie between homer mr plow outfit, Barney king plow outfit and snowball snowman.

  7. It’s great to have prizes that help you get ahead in the game, like the EggNog Bar the Elf Home and the HolidayTree, but the characters/ skins will add play value all year long.
    From what I have so far it is the racoon that I like best. Really hoping for Mr Plow, Plow King and Snow Monster to add to the fun.
    Thanks for the free stuff, EA!

  8. I like the holiday wheel to get free gifts.it makes it interesting.sayibg that I like the egg nog bar. As far as decortive I like the mall because u can make a shoping center

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