Premium Character:-The Grumple


Available Now at the cost of Donut Tapped Out.png120.

The Grumple comes with his own quest-line shown below:-

“How Mr. Simpson Stole Christmas”

Once the quest-line is completed the Grumple can be assigned tasks to earn In-game cash and XP!


Pt.1  Make The Grumple Find a House (12 Hours)

Pt. 2 Make the Grumple Move Into Brown House (4 Hours)

Pt.3 Make The Grumple Try to Sleep (8 Hours)

Pt.4 Make The Grumple Play His Grump-Drum (24 Hours)

Pt.5 Make The Grumple Lose His Mind (12 Hours)

Pt.6 Make The Grumple Prepare Grumple-ty Stew (8 Hours)

Pt.7 Make The Grumple Die Cursing The Simpsons (12 Hours)

That is my Last Post before Christmas!.

Here is wishing you all a Very Merry Christmas from the Tapped out Crew!


11 thoughts on “Premium Character:-The Grumple

  1. 120 donuts is a corporate-greed-grab for an awesome character such as grumpie, might as well fork over my Christmas money to EA, what a below-zero-ripoff! Couldn’t resist grumpie and now I own him. His tale is hilarious. But him fighting homer was the tops!

  2. That depends on how it is worth it to u lol

    All Simpsons fans will tell u that it is WORTH BUYING IT! Jimbo was a mistake! He should’ve been included as a free item with a building but u know EA, corporate greed is all they’re familiar with.

    Grumpie was worth it: TRUST ME! There’s a story tale that is similar to the taled rhymes of the Grinch who stole Christmas. And after each task the story continues, until his last task. The story was over. But it was a long ride with the grumpie story and tasks. So I enjoyed it! The hilarious parts are grumpie fighting homer, cursing while dying and the little drummer grumpie tasks. All of them lit up my tree and made my day. (I sped up with some donuts. Just for this once).

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