Deleting Friends


During these community events it is important that your friends pull their weight as we all have the same goal to achieve!

Whilst visiting my friends towns I noticed that several of them were not playing anymore (in fact 21) so decided to have a clear out!

Its not easy to delete friends but I urge you to take a look through your friends list and thin out the ones who are not active.

There are thousands of daily players looking to add new friends and pull together during these community events!

Here is how to delete inactive friends:-

For those using Apple devices running on iOS,the Easiest way is via the game.

  • Firstly go to the Friends screen and tap the Origin Icon.

  • This will take you to the Friends Menu.

  • Choose My Friends. and then Tap the friend you want to delete to access your neighbors Profile.

Please Note:-Sometimes it reverts quickly so you will have to double-tap rapidly to access the Profile.

If it’s not reverting then a delete isn’t possible at that time so you will have to try again later.

This should take you to the Profile,Tap the “+” and then the option to delete should appear!,Tap this  and then wait for the confirmation.

For Android Devices I am afraid its bad news as there is no in-game option,the only way as far as I know is to install the Origin software on your desktop/lap top.

Once you have done this you can log into your Origin account,click on your profile and this will bring up your friends list.

Find the players who are inactive and click on their profile and hit the un-friend button!. It will ask you for confirmation and once you do this they will be removed!


19 thoughts on “Deleting Friends

  1. Thank you for showing me how to manage my profile and friends on my laptop!!!! Thanks! Sent a request. Looking for new players!

  2. For Android, I saw a recommendation on another site to go through EA’s Scrabble game to manage friends. That app has an Origin friends utility included with it.

  3. I just did the same thing. Sent you a request. If it’s not too late for you to accept me, that means I’ll have 22 open slots. Otherwise it’ll be 23. TACkyBoo (and yes, I’ll post this in the “correct” forum as well :P)

  4. I just cleared out about 30 spots! Great post, thanks! Glad to finally clear out some of those friends that have not been active since Halloween!

    Add me! kem1397433

  5. Awesome article! Helped me a lot! Thank you 🙂 Now I have 38 free spaces for new friends so please add me by origin id: jack2100oo

  6. There’s a simpler way for android users: get to the Origin website, login, go to My account > Privacy settings, and there you get the list of friends to remove ; )
    Thanks for the blog, it’s amazing!!

  7. Since the latest upgrade the friends link has gone on my iPad, and one of my friends link keeps bombing me out so I need to delete, also noticed about 20 other friends stopped playing do any ides how I can delete them now please

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