Gil Is Gone!

As you may or may not have noticed, Gil has been removed from the game and he’s taken his holiday doughnut deal with him! So if you were planning on availing of his offer and haven’t already done so, I’m afraid you’ve missed your chance!

4 thoughts on “Gil Is Gone!

  1. so what….go to krustyland on facebook and the guy will sell you 20000 donuts for $10. Better yet, give him $40 and he gives you millions of dollars, donuts and older Tapped out stuff.

    • That’s expensive!. Go on ebay and you can get millions in cash,150 000 donuts and all the old items for about $15 or UK £7.50.
      I will warn you though I have friends that have used it and it takes all the fun out of the game!

      • It does. I’m absolutely bored with the game now and I have 2 accounts. My kids haven’t played the game in days. They’re bored with it too.

      • Yeah my wife bought the hack and now she has everything!. She has not played Tapped Out for about 3 week now and has lost interest!.
        A lesson to be learned I think!
        It may seem fun to have an endless supply on doughnuts but it soon makes the game lose its appeal!

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