Christmas Event Extended!

There was a small update today in which EA has extended the end date of the Christmas event. It will now end on January 14th instead of January 7th. So you have some extra time to get all those prizes should you have fallen behind over Christmas!


22 thoughts on “Christmas Event Extended!

  1. Why don’t they give us the last prizes from the wheel… I get money every damned time i try! I’ve been needing ClausCo and Helter Shelter for over a week now….

  2. Great, cuz i got 30+ coins visiting friends but sstill dont have the Shelter because of this stupid wheel -.- hopefully i will get it till 14th januany.

    I dont have 100 friends yet, add me! Nick: MajorMono

  3. I have Hank Scorpio and he told to Homer that he shouldn’t be near to Springfield on January 6th, like a Christmas present.

  4. I just got the last community prize, has everyone else got theirs as well . I hadn’t seen a post regarding getting central us time zone and got the candy cane cooling towers probably 20 mins ago

  5. I already have over 94K of gift cards and still don’t have all the special prizes on the wheel, it is indeed annoying that I only get money of that wheel

  6. IT’s got to be rigged. I’Ve got over 100,000 gift cards and still don’t have the snow monster or Claus co. It keeps landing on the money directly between the two. There is No way this cannot be rigged. I’ve had all of the items since December 20th, except snow monster and Claus co. I get 5 spins a day and yours trying to tell me that over my last 70 spins I wouldn’t land on one of those two? Come on now!

      • I have over 150,000 gift cards, which means I have spun the wheel over 90 times past the 30,000 mark. Out of 90 times, whether there is a 20% chance of landing on one of the two, 90 spins and it keeps landing on the $1,000 between the two or the 50 Gift card EVERY TIME!

  7. The two items I wanted on the wheel – the Abominable Snowman and ice sculpture Vishnu – are the two I haven’t gotten, despite now twice daily wheel spins resulting from both the Egg Nog bar and extra gift cards. Blargh. All the same, I now have seven more days to not achieve my goals.

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