What would you like to see in 2014?

During the Halloween event we did a similar post and many of you wanted a character locator and a faster way of visiting your friends towns!

It looks like EA sat back and listened because as you know these made it into the Christmas 2013 update and for me has made the game far more enjoyable!.

Personally I would like to see a way to send items from your inventory as gifts to your friends or a way to trade items with fellow tappers!.

I have many duplicate items in my inventory and some duplicate Characters that I have won from Mystery boxes, they just sit there serving no purpose what-so-ever!

So come on guys we would really like your input and maybe EA will take note again!.


76 thoughts on “What would you like to see in 2014?

  1. Despite that I have a life and can’t always tend to the game, I still would like to say that
    There’s too many that I would like to see in 2014… (This is a repeated comment)

    Here’s a list:

    -That cat Snowball Collection!!!!!!!!!!!
    (Snowball 1, 2, 3 and 5 and Coltrane-Snowball 4).


    -I would like to see more animals and pets!!

    -We have the Church and the Buddha Temple, now let’s put a Synogogue with KRUSTY’s father Rabbi Hyman Krustofsky as a playable character!!!!

    -I would like that Fruit Batman outfit (for Mr. Burns) to make a comeback. I missed out on that bec it was a donut item-limited edition at the time.

    -All the girls in Bart’s life should be in the game too…

    -The monorail would be nice.

    -More outfits for the characters/animals in the game!!

    -More weather/holiday themes in the game makes it more intriguing, fun and a fabulous waste of your spare time! Lol lol lol

    -More new rides for the squid port!
    We need more new restaurants for the squid port!

    -More new rides and more new restaurants for krustyland!

    And finally:

    -Maggie and Sideshow Bob as a playable character!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    -Unlock more secrets like EA did with the Jedediah statue!!

    -Ans what about Jedediah Springfield himself? He should be a playable character.

  2. In my game Homer Mr Plow is stuck in the task part on done? Like hes done watching a camercial in the brown house part 2 it says its done but it hasnt disapered and Homer is unable to finish other tasks properly ive allready tried deleting app and re loading app Please fix Homer

  3. I would like it to be easier to collect rent/completed tasks maybe include a “collect all” button, also be able to make more than just one boardwalk section, additional characters ie Maggie.

  4. Some new levels would be nice since I’ve completed level 37 about 6 times, more land avaliable to buy, different house styles, more restaurants, ermm more quests since they are few and between at this level, and some different decor.

    All would be lovely thanks EA 🙂

  5. I would like to be able to buy doughnuts with Springfield money. I see for 2000 doughnuts you can get $500,000. I would pay $500,000 for 2000 doughnuts.

  6. I really like that you can visit friends Springfields by tapping the left and right arrows, but would love it even more if that was available between Krustyland visits, too.

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