Will we get the Springfield Court?

The Springfield Court has been seen in so many episodes, that it seems weird to me that we don’t already have it. I personally would love to have a court house in my town.

Recent rumours seem to think that the next level update will bring us level 38 with the court house, Mr Burns’s Lawyer and good old Judge Snyder.

What do you think about these rumours, would you like to have the court and associated characters or would you rather someone else? Let us know in the comments below.


14 thoughts on “Will we get the Springfield Court?

  1. I completely agree. Seems like the moment I get bored with this game, they give us something good to keep us interested. Took forever just to get Milhouse’s parents.

  2. Too bad they haven’t added the late Phil Hartman’s characters- Lionel Hutz would be a natural for the Courthouse and Troy McClure is the ultimate C-list celebrity.

  3. I’d love the courthouse. I’d also love to see the monorail, like many people and/or Troy McClure. I also think Maggie, monobrow baby and the Ayn Rand school for tots would be a good addition.

  4. That’s great but still wish they would add a real version of sideshow bob and also to bring in apu’s wife, Helen and Jessica lovejoy, Cletus’s wife and Maggie! To the game would be great

  5. I would like to have Slideshow Bob as a character instead of hunting him, and it would be funny have Krusty’s father (die judden), and the reporter that is a friend of Marge.
    And referring to buildings, maybe a synagogue including Krusty’s father, the mountain that homer climb in the energy bars episode and would me awesome have the ancient secret society Stonecutters building and make a level where they include the suits to the characters (Homer, Lenny, Carl, Mr Burns, etc)
    Hehe I think I wrote a lot

  6. I’ve been playing this gave for a year or so now and I’m happy with the pattern of releases. I know a lot of people think many of the items are highly obscure and I agree, but getting the most wanted items and having to wait and see what will be next is what has kept me interested in the game.

  7. I always loved the episode with the KFP. Kentucky Fried Panda. “Finger Ling Ling Good. Would love to see it become a new restaurant in tapped out. Also hope Uter becomes a new playable character. So many things I wanna see, but I’m and old school simpsons fan. Would love to see a lot more stuff from the first 10 seasons, especially Bartman!!!

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