Waiting for the snow to melt

Springfield is still snowing but not for to much longer. With just over four days to go, it’s almost over.

With that being being said, what has been your favorite part of this event, and what hasn’t been so good? Please let us know in the comment section.


27 thoughts on “Waiting for the snow to melt

  1. I finaly collected all the 10 prizes from the event! That never happened! But I still dont have the clausco or the suit for homer!!! Aargh!

  2. Best part of the event was the new character and friend functionality. Sooo much easier to manage my Springfield and visit friends.

    Worst part of this event? For me it was the length. I feel it could have ended a week ago no problem.

    • I think it is ridiculous for people to suggest the wheel is rigged just because they have yet to get the items that they want!.
      EA are hardly going to rig the wheel for a handful of people!. If the wheel was rigged then everybody would be in the same position its just a game of luck and you have not been lucky enough to get the items yet where as hundreds of thousands of people have!.

  3. I am beyond annoyed with the stupid krusty wheel ! All I get off of it is money now it refuses to give me anything else… I wanted the abominable snowman or whatever he’s called so bad and have not got Claus co or the Heller shelter…. every single time I just get money and I don’t need money I want the other stuff I’m soooo mad!

    • I’m stuck with no Clausco and no Plow King. I’ve had at least 40 spins of the wheel. That stupid wheel is really trying my temper. I guess I’ll be burning donuts to get more *attempts* at unlocking them (Clausco, at least). Grrr

      • Please see my new post on the Stats for the Krusty’s Holiday spin wheel! It may give you a better understanding of why you are struggling for the remaining prizes.

      • I have made a post on the percentages of winning each prize!. The 2 you are requiring are 2 of the lowest percentage thus much harder to win as you are finding!

  4. As a general update, the character finder and the friend arrows were easily the best thing in my opinion. For the event itself, my favorite thing was the elves. They made it a whole lot easier to collect the presents. I only wish they regenerated more often than every 24 hours.

    What I didn’t like was the difficulty of the wheel. I’ve had only the shelter left on there for about 2 weeks now! Every time I spin I just get money or more gift cards. And honestly it seems silly to me to give away gift cards on a wheel that you have to just collect gift cards to spin. It’s a never ending circle (pun intended).

  5. Alot of my friends complain that when there are only two items left on the wheel they need and they can’t seem to catch those two items. Instead they get cash or cards which they really don’t need.

    • Its the law of averages I am afraid it does get difficult when you only need a couple of items but for some people to suggest that the wheel is rigged is sour grapes if you ask me!

  6. Hate the spinner. I have only got 3 items from it and lots of cash. Woohoo.

    Honestly the other items are pretty week as is the story lines.

  7. The wheel sucks. It is misleading and rigged since the fraction of the wheel each prize takes up does not represent the probability to get each prize. For example Clausco takes up 10% of the wheel but the probability of getting it is actually about 1% so it should only take up 1/100th of the wheel. How the wheel spin is manipulated to get these probabilities, what kind of random number generator is used, and if we have any actual control is unknown. It’s really low yield to bother collecting cards for these crappy prizes.

  8. Has there been any news as to whether we can trade in unused spin tokens when the event is over? I have given up hope of getting Claus Co. or the Snowmonster. The last time I got something other than money or gift cards from the wheel was Dec. 20th. I use 5 spins a day, and still do not have all the items. Dec 20th was 3 weeks ago, which means 5 spins a day X 21 days = 105 spins with nothing but money or gift cards. People can talk about the law of averages all they want. If law of averages was at work here, I could have gotten my remaining two items ten times over in the last three weeks.

    I’ll just collect the gift cards if I can trade them in at the end of the event, then. Please let me know.

  9. I really liked it. it is so very funny with triffids and all the social critism stuff. I just discovered tapped out and Halloween did not produced too many ghosts for me so I am quite happy to obtain all items with the gift cards. The story line with the gift cards however I thought to be weak. I was thrilled with Scrooge and thought it would be a Dickensian Simpson’s Xmas, but alas, no. Well, I had fantasies about Halloween with the Mayflower and a Flying Dutchman theme too (afterall, they left from Rotterdam which is just a 30 km ride from here).

    Lot’s of stuff I can’t seem to obtain, even with level 37 now. With all the story lines and less dollars than needed (buildings are expensive!) I find it annoying that later on I find the building with which I procrastinated to buy in favour of others suddenly is not for sale anymore and it to be obtained with precious donuts…

    What I don’t like in this episode is that it has been made more simple with the character finder.
    The fortune wheel is vexing too, continiously dollars, no giftcards, and still some items to catch.
    All the other stuff is actually great escapism and fun while travelling by train to one’s job!

  10. I’m going to echo the issue with the wheel. I am down to one item (Plow King Barney) and it is hard to land on him. I enjoyed getting the new buildings and the community event, again. The character finder was a great addition. Now if I could some how earn more donuts that would make my day.

  11. I collected all prizes from wheel(monster,clausco,homer,snowmans and helter shelter) with 46 spins.Now i have 52 spin coins left.

  12. Its kind of a let down that all that’s left on my wheel are gift cards and cash. At least if there was a chance of winning donuts – Id have something to shoot for.

  13. I would like to have the prizes that I have accumulated gift cards for…sucks that they are not showing up in my inventory. It sucks even worse that it is not easy to get it corrected. So I’m just collecting gift cards for nothing at this point.

  14. i liked this even but it took way too long, i really wish i had a simpsons tapped out cheats that could have passed all of this instantly. Although i will say im liking the changes that were made.

  15. I thought the event was great. The only thing that I haven’t got on the wheel is clause co and I think u can Hardly say it sucks when you are getting it all for free? My only complaint is the premium items are too expensive. 120 donuts for grumple! If they were cheaper they would sell more!

    • I agree with you,Premium items are too many donuts,they could half the amount and still make millions of dollars out of the game!

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