Christmas Event Recap

So with the Christmas event coming to an end I thought it would be a good idea to have a look back at everything we received throughout the event.

This event kicked of with snow blanketing Springfield and a character locater being added to the game. There was also a new feature when visiting friends that let you click arrows forward and backwards to navigate though your friends towns.  Gill Gunderson came along and we were offered a deal on donuts. The event was also extended for another week to give players more time.

A full list of characters, decorations and so on are below:


  • Yes Man (Playable)The_Grumple
  • Mr Costington (Playable)
  • The Grumple (Playable + Premium)
  • Candy Kevin (NPC)
  • Snow Monster (NPC)
  • Christmas Racoon (NPC)
  • Kumiko (Playable)


  • Ebenezer Burns (Community Prize)
  • Santa Flanders (Personal Prize)
  • Santa Homer (Premium)
  • Mr Plow Homer (Holiday Wheel)
  • Plow King Barney (Holiday Wheel)


  • Santa’s Worshop (Community Prize)
  • Santa’s Village (Premium)
  • Egg Nog Bar (Personal Prize)
  • Springfield Mall (Personal Prize)
  • Elf Home (Premium + Personal Prize)
  • Springfield Skating Rink (Personal Prize)
  • Costington’s  Department Store (Personal Prize)
  • Helter Shelter (Holiday Wheel)
  • Claus Co (Holiday Wheel)
  • The Swanky Fish (Premium)

Krustyland Rides_Santas_Workshop

  • Happy Little Elves Ride (Personal Prize)


  • Ice God (Holiday Wheel)
  • Maggie Snowman (Premium + Holiday Wheel)
  • Santa’s Little Helper Snowdog (Premium + Holiday Wheel)
  • Snowball II Snowcat (Premium + Holiday Wheel)
  • Grampa Snowman (Premium + Holiday Wheel)
  • Homer Snowman (Premium + Holiday Wheel)
  • Marge Snowman (Premium + Holiday Wheel)
  • Bart Snowman (Premium + Holiday Wheel)
  • Lisa Snowman (Premium + Holiday Wheel)
  • Reindeer (Premium + Free Gift)
  • Festive Trashcan Fire (Premium)
  • Festive Hot Drink Stand
  • Festive Lawn Angel
  • Festive Nutcracker
  • Festive Candy Cane
  • Festive Fancy Lawn Bell
  • Festive Lawn Bell
  • Festive Bell Lamp Post
  • Festive Wreath Lamp Post
  • Festive Bow Lamp Post
  • Holiday Tree (Personal Prize + Premium)
  • Jet Engine Bike (Premium)
  • Devil’s Float (Premium)Yes_Guy
  • Backwater Brewery (Premium)
  • Present Depot
  • Plow King’s Plow (Personal Prize)
  • Mr Sparkle Billboard (Premium)


  • Christmas Simpsons House
  • Christmas Flanders House
  • Christmas Brown House
  • Christmas Cletus’s Farm
  • Christmas Purple House
  • Christmas Blue House
  • Christmas Van Houten Home
  • Christmas Pink House
  • Christmas White House
  • Christmas Willie’s Shack
  • Christmas Orange House
  • Christmas Muntz Home
  • Christmas Krabapple Apt.
  • Christmas Frink’s Lab
  • Christmas Volcano Lair
  • Candy Cane Cooling Tower

3 thoughts on “Christmas Event Recap

  1. I’m enjoying my Springfield covered in snow since it’s 42’c here today (107’f)
    But I think my game has a fault as gift cards and the holiday wheel aren’t showing up on screen ??? I still need Claus Co!!!!

    • I never managed to get Claus co either. In fact, I didn’t have a chance at it for the last week or so because it disappeared from my wheel and did not come back. It was the only building in all of my Springfield that I felt connected to so I hope I get another chance again next Christmas. Is there a history of these “wheel” items returning. Level 38

      • The wheel only appeared for the first time at Christmas. So their return is unknown until next year. However, if you contact EA and tell them that this happened to you, they may give you it for free as it was there problem that you failed to get it in the first place.

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