Whats could be coming up?

Ok so with Christmas ending on the 14th its time to look forward to what could be next. This is all speculation at the moment based upon last year, as well as rumours going around the tapped out community.

A New Level

So last year we received level 25 the day after the Christmas event so it seems likely this might happed again, especially since we haven’t had a new level since November 7th. We are well overdue for a new level so lets hope EA follow last years lead and give it to us the day Christmas Ends.

Valentines Day

So far EA have made a habit of repeating events so it seems pretty likely that we will get Valentines day around the same time as last year. Last year the event ran from January 30th till the 28th of February. So hopefully we will get a Valentines Day update on the 30th of January.

Let us know in the comments what you would like to see for Valentines Day as well as for level 38.



10 thoughts on “Whats could be coming up?

  1. need more land, better & more stuff in Krustyland, more characters throughout, allow more characters to visit Krustyland, add snowball the cat(s), ……or I’m losing more interest and off to another game I go. I’ve been on level 37 so long now that my next XP level is over 1 million Xp’s.

  2. I agree with Rob, defo need more land krustyland rides. I would love the monorail and Springfield court to be part of the next update. Need more female characters as well. I am also awaiting level 38 as i have been level 37 since Halloween. Looking forward to valentines as i desperately want the heart shaped pond!!

  3. How about for those of us who weren’t lucky enough to get Claus co or yeti on the wheel the chance to buy them with money at the end of the Christmas update?

  4. More characters, especially females. Tapped Out is a bit of a sausage fest.

    Speed up the rate of new levels. According to EA this game makes them millions of dollars. They can afford to give us a new level once a month at the very least if not faster. It’s not like it’s overly complicated outside of art. Half the new characters only have one or two tasks they do outside of a building anyway.

    More land, always more land. Not just fro springfield, but for Krusty Land. Also more boardwalk pieces. I’ve been 37 since the day 37 was available. I’ve got absurd amounts of dollars (as do most of the people who have been 37 for a while) please give us stuff to spend our in game currency on!

    At the current rate they’re putting out content, especially new levels/characters (whom aren’t even voiced, they just grunt at me) I’m finding myself logging on less and less. I imagine there are others out there in the same boat. If EA wants this cash cow to keep giving milk, I advise them to step it up.

  5. Nice idea Carolin170692… Good Valentin theme… copy the episode a bit and make quest fit it… But I hope we get a few more characters then just one (and very needed) regular character. Like Maggie the same way we got rod and Todd… and more cash rather then donuts… I think they earn ea bit of cash to be kind enough to give us a little back… I love this game but as Bob wrote I find myself checking less and less and just go for 12h tasks. The Xmas theme was awesome please don’t get me wrong but was expected kinder…! but now it would be nice with a “kinder-surprise-didn’t-see-that-coming!!!” We are all hard core Simpsons fans… We just want it all and some more!!! Can’t help it!

    And yes still waiting…. ;0)

  6. So i wake up this morning and rush to my iPad as its the 14th and there is no update? Im guessing the Christmas update ends today and there will be no update untill tomorrow. EA shouldn’t say that it ends today, they should say today is the last day. Im bored of the snow now. Woke up in excitement thinking ‘update update update!!’ and much to my disappointment there was no update.

      • Oh dear my bad! Thanks for letting me know i didn’t realise there was a countdown i logged in and saw the snow and logged back out. Looking forward to next update im sure six hours will fly by. Will rearrange my town and make some room for new content! Lol i need a life.

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