The Update

So this most recent update gave us nothing new. The snow has melted and the spin wheel is gone. Although the Jet Engine Bike, Devil Float and Backwater Brewery are still available.

Hopefully we get a new level soon.


8 thoughts on “The Update

  1. With no major tasks going, I’ll use this time to earn and stockpile as much money as possible. I’m really close to maxing out my land as well.

  2. Hey Origin, Thanks for changing the login screen so I can’t just paste in my email address anymore…much more convenient to have to type it in everytime – great improvement 😦

  3. They have changed things for friends in general, the add a friend screen is new, pending friend requests show up as a badge on the go to friends button, and I can’t find a way to remove friends now (I hit the max number and had to delete some pending requests instead of culling my inactive friends first). In fact you can’t see the old Origin information at all now, so you can’t tell who is inactive anymore.

  4. I’ll go ahead and say it… I’m disappointed that the app update simply removed the snow and changed a few minor background things (see friend management comments by Enarra).

    I understand EA employees have the holidays and all that good stuff, but frankly, they could have kept this “update”. I’m disappointed that I’ve nothing new to buy, no new characters, no new levels, etc. etc. “Thanks, you removed the snow! You’re the best EA!” said no one ever.

    I really, REALLY hope we get something by the end of the week.

    • Many characters in my town have walked on water, it is something that has gone on for a while, but still no fix to that eithe

  5. I really like how the Christmas update allowed us to visit our friends more easily by using t5he left/right arrows. I just wish, though, that there were arrows when visiting your friends Krustyland’s.

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