Redesigning!.We need your Photo’s!


I have been asked by quite a few people for help and a little inspiration in redesigning their Springfield!

So I am calling upon you fellow tapper to send photo’s of your proudest achievement or something that you think reflects your creative style the most!

Please send your photos to: and include Redesigning in the subject line.

Please also include your Origin ID so you can be credited for your work!

Once I have a few photo’s I will post them for others to see!


6 thoughts on “Redesigning!.We need your Photo’s!

    • Its boring its been like two months im about to stop playing because its just the same thing over and over and I bet other people filling the sameway

      • Fully agree Kane. EA has raked in over 100 million dollars from Simpsons Tapped Out, you’d think they’d crank new stuff out more often to keep the golden cow milking. I’m almost to the point of setting it down for few months or longer just to have a bunch of content waiting for me when/if I return.

        EA seriously needs to speed things up. Especially when most new characters have only one job that is outside around town, only grunt instead of having the character’s voice, etc. etc. The biggest time sink for this game is art assets. I get that. Hire more artists then. The taks list is mainly a rehash of old code. Go to building X, fade away.

        The rate of new content is really starting to bore me.

  1. EA had at least with the level update to level 38 a new land update as well, now i dont have enough land to build those buildings, gets boring,, no claus tower, no new land update hmzz

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